Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Race Weekend

Yippy! I have another race this weekend... The St. Patrick's 8k.

All races are good races even if they are silly distances like an 8k. I mean 4.97 miles. Come on. I'm just rounding up and saying it's a 5 miler.

I have ran this race just one other time and had so much fun doing so. But, I wasn't really racing it, I was just running with my hubby for fun. So, this year I'm going to actually race it.

I'm interested to see how fast I can run 5 miles in? Like all #goodideas I'm going to go out as fast as I can and see how long I can hold on. Sounds like a good race plan right? Oh course it does. But, I guess back to reality ... I would like to try to hold a 7:30 pace or better. I know this race attracts a lot of runners, so I will put myself somewhat near the front so I don't have to run around and zig zag through a bunch of people.

Other than that my goal is to have fun. After all it is a St. Patrick's Day race which means I get to run in funs things like this (although I don't own a green sparkle skirt):

If you are also racing this weekend, I'd love to meet up! Let me know!
Happy Friday All :)

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