Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Three Things Tues

1. I went on a little bit of a spending spree last week and ordered two new bike jerseys from amazon. My second one came last night and it is so comfy! 

I bought the sleeveless nerd jersey because it's been so hot and will only be getting hotter during the summer. But, no, not this morning .... it was freezing at 35 degrees. I have already packed up all my winter cycling gear and was in a hurry this morning and couldn't find my gloves. Which left me riding to work with kitten mittens on. 

Yes these were the only thing I could find to keep my hands warm. At least they are cute even if I looked like a goof riding to work.
2. Speaking of bike commuting while on my way home yesterday down East Capitol Street a bee landed on my helmet. He landed right in the middle of it and I could see his stupid face smiling at me for about 100ft. I really started to panic because it wasn't flying off and we were staring at each other. If you know me, then you know I am scared to death of bees. I run, I scream, I cry. I tried to stay calm and pulled off the bike lane and jumped off my bike. I carefully removed my helmet with the bee still on it. Once my helmet was off I didn't want to shake it too hard and make the bee angry and sting me so instead I just threw the helmet on the ground and ran with my bike in the opposite direction. Umm, when I went back to get my helmet that stupid bee was still on it!!! Here his little butt must of gotten stuck in-between the helmet cut outs. Ugh, so I had to shake the thing out and it just laid there on the side walk then. I guess in the end I survived and felt a little silly, but I hope this never happens again.
3. Is it bad that I am thinking way ahead of myself and already basically have my race schedule mapped out for next year. Sigh... there is something wrong with me... 

Happy Tues All :)


  1. I love that jersey! I always choose the sleeveless jerseys because at least the tanlines aren't AS awkward as a sleeve tan :)

  2. I'm already thinking about 2013. Totally normal....for a triathlete. ;^)

  3. I have my first IM scheduled for 2013! So it is not wierd at all!