Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oops...I'm running a Marathon

As of yesterday I had no intention of running a marathon this year. I mean all my focus is on IM Louisville and I have no clue how my body is going to feel after August 26th. So with that said my fall race schedule has been left wide open and I wasn't going to register for anything until after IMKY. And if I did register for a race it was going to be something fun like a 70.3 relay or a 10k.
Well... then yesterday happened! The twitter world started blowing up about how the Marine Corp Marathon registration was opening up at 3pm. I had no clue it was race registration day and really didn't care to be honest. I still had no intention of registering for a marathon that was going to be 8 weeks after Louisville, but I wanted to check out what date the race was on because I was interested in the 10k and the 10k only.
I sent an email over to my one and only and asked him if he would be interested in the 10k and jokingly said he should run the marathon. Well to my surprise he responded with this:
"Sure, why not. I mean I will be running and biking already, so the marathon, lets do it. I'll need a training plan."
Which lead to a "oh shit, this is really happening" on my end. We had a couple more email exchanges and as 3 o'clock rolled I had the MCM page up and ready. Jason ninja registered at about 2:50 and told me it was open so I registered too without any server crash issues.
The race itself sold out in a record time of 2 hours and 41 minutes. I guess a lot of people like to run?

Anyhow, I haven't actually ran a marathon since 2005 and just recently started thinking about running another one. I really wanted to try to BQ at the next marathon I ran, but I know this will not be happening at the MCM. I will not have enough time to really dedicate to a training cycle, so I will just be coasting off my IM fitness and running this for fun with Jason. We had a blast at the last race we ran together and I expect this one to be the same :) Plus I think it's a first great marathon to run: it's close to home and there is a ton of crowd support. This marathon is going to be all about Jason and I hope enjoys every minute of it.

 Did you get caught up in all the hype yesterday and register for MCM?
Happy Thursday All :) 


  1. Ha! Nice peer pressure.. Good Luck to both of you!!

  2. I have decided I am doing IM Louisville in 2013, so I can;t wait to hear about that!

  3. I think it is great that you two will be running together!

  4. Ah so jealous you got in! I figured I would register when I got home from work and it was already sold out :( - I'm hoping to get a bib when transfer time rolls around!

  5. Awesome!!! I did Marine Corps in 2009 and loved it! So exciting to get back to marathons :) Can't wait to hear all about training and how it all goes!

  6. ill be down there to cheer you all on!! have fun :)

  7. That's so exciting. Nothing like the impulse registration! With all the hype, I was very tempted myself!!!

  8. Marine Corps is a fantastic marathon! Have fun! I have no desire to run a marathon this year, but applaud everyone else who is doing one!