Friday, March 16, 2012

Hills, Hills, Hills

Hills: everyone loves to hate them! I myself am no different, but as evil as hills are I know that they will make me a stronger faster runner.
Every Friday for the about 8 weeks now I have picked out my favorite hill in our Nation's Capitol, Capitol Hill. Ok maybe it's not my favorite hill (do people even have favorite hills?) but it is the closest one to my house.

Capitol Before Sun Raise
It takes me a little over a mile to make my way to the Capitol which is a great warm up. Once there I either pick the Independence side to run up or the Constitution side. Both offer the same great hill, but I like to switch it up so I don't get board to death every Friday. Change of scenery is a good thing, even if it's only a small change. The hill itself is on the shorter side, but it has a nice incline so it definitely makes for a good workout.

Once on the Hill I usually do anywhere from 6-10 repeats. This can get boring and it reminds me of swimming laps because it's easy to lose count and you are just running up and down which = boring. Although I amuse myself by thinking about who knows what and the time actually goes by pretty quickly. I also get weird looks from the Capitol Police. I'm sure they are just jealous because they have to stand there instead of running the same hill multiple times or they just think I'm crazy.  
As for my speed up hill, I still need to work on this. I am holding right around a 8:50 -9 minute pace. I haven't seen much improvement on my pace since I started these repeats. But, I do feel like they are getting easier, so I guess that is something.
Anyhow, so if you see some girl running up and down Capitol Hill on Friday morning come say hello and join in on the fun :)
Happy Friday All! Good luck to all those who are running the RnR USA tomorrow. 


  1. I need to improve my downhill running skills. I tend to pass people on the way up and then they go flying back past me on the downhill. Seems like I am wasting energy...

  2. Hill repeats are the bomb!!! I love/hate them. There's a hill near my house and I have a benchmark workout that I've done on it for the past two years and it's neat to see progress (and fuel to work harder when I don't improve as much as I would've liked). Keep doing them, your legs will thank you at Mooseman!!