Monday, March 26, 2012

Ironman Training Week #2

Yippie another week of training is in the books!

Last week marked week 2 of ironman training and week 10 of half ironman training. I felt pretty good through-out the week and basically have been wanting to shut my eyes at about 9 o'clock every night. One can never get enough sleep...
Anyhow, here's how my week went:
Rest Day! Sort of. Did a 4 mile bike commute that is very easy and doesn't count towards anything besides a fast way into work. Later in the evening I jumped in with my gymnasts and did 20 minutes of gymnastics strength.
* Bike ~ 2 hrs (32 miles) ~ I drove up to Greenbelt this day and checked out a new place to ride! The ride itself wasn't bad and it was the first ride with my new aero water bottle. I love that thing! It makes me or reminds me to drink more often! Although I'm pretty unsure of the whole nutrition thing on the bike.
* Run ~ 20 minutes (2.35 miles) ~ Did this as a brick run. My legs felt pretty heavy at the beginning of the run and I wasn't too happy when I saw a big ass hill to run up in the first half of a mile.
* Run ~ 53 minutes (6.1 miles) ~ This run was a failed attempted at mile repeats. My legs were shot from yesterday's brick and didn't want to move. I did my mile warm up at an easy pace, then never left that pace the entire run.
* Swim ~ 55 minutes (3000 yards) ~ I had the pool to myself! Ok well there was three of us, but the pool was so empty. I can't remember my workout but was happy the entire swim.
 * Bike ~ 1:16 (20.5 miles) ~ I had training this day at work, so wouldn't be able to ride during lunch. So, instead I was out the door riding at 6am. It's pretty dark at this time, but I had my head/tail lights shining bright at Haines Point.  It was a good ride with good company because Mr. Grumpy aka M woke up and rode with me!
* Swim ~ 33 minutes (1750 meters) ~ I had to move my Friday swim day to Thurs since all DC pools were going to be closed on that day. I swam at Fairland's pool after coaching and had about a half hour before the pool closed for the night which meant I swam 1600 straight. I thought I wouldn't have time to fit anything else in but they hadn't blew the whistle yet so I was able to do a 150 meter cool down.
* Run: 51 minutes (5.7 miles) ~ Friday fun hill day! Ok well it's really not that fun and my legs were killing me. I noticed on my second hill repeat at Capitol Hill that the Marines were also running hill repeats on the opposite side of the street. So, I shouted over to them and we really finished up our workouts together which was fun because others were sharing in my miserly. I did a total of 8 repeats then ran into work all sweaty and smelly.
* Since my swim had been moved from this day, it meant that I could nap on my back porch in the nice weather and go out to dinner like a normal person :)

* Bike ~ 3 hours (50.3 miles) ~ The weather had called for rain all weekend but I really wanted to take a gamble and ride outside anyhow. I set up operation out ride the rain and wheels were on the road at sunrise (7am). The skies looked dark and cloudy so I had set up a 25 mile loop for M and I to ride. That way if it started raining we wouldn't be too far from our car. We finished one loop without rain and decided to keep riding and do one more loop. And guess what? No rain the entire ride!!! As for the ride itself, by legs felt like crap and were burning half the time. I also need to learn how to eat while in aero. 

* After biking, we made our way up to the multi sport conference were I was able to pick up my USAT challenge prizes (DC Tri Club won the overall competition)! We got this sweet hat that I love so much!

I didn't go to any of the speaking events, but basically just walked around and talked to different vendors and overall just had a good time. 

* Run ~ 1:45 (12.17 miles) ~ I was only suppose to run 85 minutes but ended up doing a little extra this day. I ran a little over 4 miles from my house to meet up with Rachel and Erin and some other friends in Adams Morgan.

Once we all met up we did a 7 mile loop through Rock Creek Park. It was a fun run and I love running with others. It really makes the miles go by so much faster. My new goal is to find a running group to run with on Sundays or just meet up with friends. Once finished I ran with Rachel a little more as she was on her way to a class and I was one my way to the metro. There was no way I was going to run back home.

* Swim ~ 1:05 (3200 yards) ~ I love swimming on Sundays as it's the only day I don't have to feel pressured to swim my heart out because the pool will close before I'm finished with my workout. I can take my time per say and know I will finish the workout. It took my arms a bit to warm up but once warmed up, I felt ok. I did 1 x 1000, 4 x 300, and 10 x 100.
Once I got back home from swimming on Sunday I basically crashed on the couch and watched Nip Tuck the rest of the day.
Happy Monday All :) This week is recovery week and I'm looking forward to it!