Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things Thurs

1. I was really flustered when I left the pool yesterday. I usually swim between 4-5pm and the pool is not very crowded at this time meaning I get a lane to myself or just split an lane with another person. Yesterday was no different and I was splitting a lane with another guy going about my workout until I almost hit a third person head on!!! WTF, where did this person come from? I was pretty mad and let the guy know if he is going to share a lane that he needs to communicate with all the swimmers in the lane to let them know that we will be switching to circle swimming.  I could tell he was a new swimmer and there is nothing wrong with that, but just know some pool etiquette! And to top things off the last few minutes in the water (when the pool is basically empty before we get kicked out) someone swims across the lanes and I almost hit this guy because he came out of know where?!?! Regardless, I felt good in the water and feel like my swimming is improving a little bit.
2. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and talk about the weather. It's lovely and perfect for riding. I couldn't be happier to be riding my bike outside in 80 degree weather in the middle of March instead of riding on my trainer. However, running is a little bit of an adjustment. Yesterday I ran around 12ish and it felt hot and my body just isn't used to running in the heat yet. Also, I fear if it's this hot now, that only means it will be an extra hot summer. I don't want an extra hot summer in the 100s with humidity up the roof. But what I am most scared about is August 26th. I'm scared it will be the hottest day of the year and I wouldn't be able to finish the race due to heat exhaustion.  
3. Rachel asked my yesterday if I would be interested in the Lake Anna Century. After I checked the date, she didn't have to twisted my arm too hard and I was probably registered for the event in about 10 minutes. I will only be riding the metric century (60 miles) but I think it's going to be so much fun. Plus it is in the lake anna area which means it will be good practice for the Kinetic Half. 

Happy Thurs All :)


  1. I have been very lucky at the pool so far, I haven't had anyone jump into my lane without me knowing it, not sure how I would handle it either!

  2. All I want to do is ride my bike in this beautiful 70 degree weather. Stupid work and other sports!

  3. Ugh bad pool etiquette is the worst!

    We are having the opposite here in San Diego in terms of weather - it's supposed to rain all weekend so I have my very first Saturday date with my trainer.

  4. Pool swimming can be awkward, but hopefully the guy learned something! This weather has been incredible - and a warm spring doesn't necessarily mean an overly warm summer (at least according to the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang). The Lake Anna Century sounds great - beautiful area! PS - I just noticed that you are doing Mooseman 70.3 - that is one of my most favorite races!! I'm sure you'll love it!