Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Running Fun

This morning I was in a hurry to get out the door and basically put on the first thing I found. Which equaled getting dressed like a rainbow threw up all over me! Red shirt, purple shorts, and rainbow legs...
I don't mind looking a little silly while running, but once I made it into work I tried to make it to my office without anyone seeing me. No such luck! My co-workers laughed at me and asked why I was dressed like a clown :(
Anyhow, my legs are feeling pretty back to normal after the race on Sunday and I was able to do my run this morning (45 minutes) at a comfy pace and didn't pay attention to my watch. I did however totally under estimated how cold it was going to be. It's suppose to be warm today, so in my head that meant it would be warm in the morning too. I was wrong. It was chilly and windy and I wished I had on my ear warmer and some gloves.
On a side note, I got a little chaffed during the race and during today's run I got re-chaffed in the same spot which lead to some bleeding. So, ugh, the next few runs I think I will wear long spandex so my thighs don't rub together. It might also be a smart idea to use some slide glide, but then again no one said I was smart.
Happy Wednesday All ... only 2 more days to go until the weekend :)


  1. I want those calf sleeves! I have the bright pink ones, but I'm love the stripes.

    Body glide is my savior. After a few really bad chafing experiences, I will NEVER forget it again :)

  2. hahaha, looks like fantastic run fashion to me!

  3. Sexy outfit! Wear it proudly!!!!

  4. Don't bright and crazy outfits make you run faster? I'm sure the science will back me up on this.

  5. Lube up those legs up!!! Body Glide or TriSlide :)

  6. I recently found your blog - love the running outfit (especially the socks!). I agree - yesterday morning was WAY colder than I thought, I was freezing for most of my run.