Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Years Together Already!

Two years ago on June 18th, I was getting married to the most wonderful person ever, Jason, aka my M.

I had so much fun at our wedding and would actually loved to get married every year. I guess, I just like dancing, dressing up, and partying!

Last year to celebrate our one year we went on a wonderful Baltic Sea cruise that went to countries like: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Finland, and Estonia.

This year, what are we doing for our 2 year? Well it looks like we will be riding bikes for a long time on Sunday - 100 miles of fun leg killing togetherness :)

After that I will be greeted by a fun 40 minute brick run and feel like this when I'm finished:

But, I still think we have time to dress up and go to Ruth's Chris steak house for some much needed yummy steaks! I am excited!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and see some of you tomorrow for the Brick Nic :) 


  1. aww I love this post! Don't forget your carbs at Ruth Chris!

  2. Happy anniversary! I was married in August 2010, so our weddings were pretty close. Wish I knew you when we were both doing the planning at the same time. Great photos!

  3. Awww congrats! Looks like many more years of fun to be had!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you guys got to enjoy a nice steak dinner as a reward for all the biking and running this weekend!