Friday, June 1, 2012

3 Things Friday

1. Right now I hate running! Hate, Hate, Hate! And with an attitude like this it's no surprise why it's hard to make myself get out the door every time a run is on my schedule. I'm not one to usually have a negative attitude and I know it pulls you down and makes the workout worse than it actually is. Plus bad attitudes ruin your confidence as well (at least I think they do.) With that said, I need to snap out of this "I hate running" mode sooner than later. This morning I was ready to change my ways and get back to thinking running is fun. So, I sprung right out of bed when my alarm went off and was on my way in no time to met my friend Meaghan for Capitol Hill repeats. And to my surprise, the run was not bad. The repeats were not easy, but I didn't feel like I wanted to throw things like on my run on Wednesday.
2. With running being my least favorite (along with 5am alarm clocks), swimming is at the top of my list right now. I don't know when the switch happened, but I am in love with swimming. It just seems so relaxing and I'm not dying of heat while doing so. I guess the only thing I would change about swimming is well, I wish I could think about others things besides what number lap I am on. Can I just hire someone to count laps for me? I also need to start swimming faster and adding more speed work to my make up my own swim workouts list.
3. I'm excited that the weekend is coming up even though I am doing the same old same old: swim,bike, run. But I don't have to travel this weekend so that is exciting after going down to Fredericksburg for the past 3 weekends in a row.
Happy Friday All :)


  1. #1 and 2 are because SUMMER IS STUPID. That is all :)

  2. If you figure that running in the humidity is basically swimming, then you really like them both equally! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ahhh, the run stuff is all mental, I totally understand. Pretend you love running and hopefully it will start being a reality. Fake it til you make it!

  4. Summer is the time to take a little break from running so you can be fresh for the fall. And Capitol Hill repeats? WOW. Amazed.

  5. You'll get your love of running back don't worry!

    I think that you'll be able to think about other things while swimming eventually!