Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Things Thurs.

1. Sometimes you just need a break and I did just that last night. Now I haven't down right skipped very many of my workouts, but I did yesterday and I'm feeling so guilty today. After going to my dentist yesterday for about the 7th time for the same tooth I wanted to cry and just over all feel sorry for myself. For those of you who care, I now have some bling in my mouth with a gold tooth , yes you herd right, gold! But guess what, even my new shinny gold tooth does not fit correctly and I still have to go back on Friday. Hopefully this time my dentist will not take the tooth buffer thingy and buff off part of my lip like yesterday. I have never felt so much pain in my life. So when I got home, instead of swimming or going to the track I relaxed on my back porch, made dinner, and watched TV with Kiwi. It was nice. But yeah not feeling so great about that decision today. I just feel like a big slacker. 

2. With that said, I did my normal morning Haines Point ride today and will try to fit in a swim after coaching tonight as a make up swim. I'm not really a great swimmer and I can't afford to miss swims. Sadly for me, I will only get a half hour of pool time tonight, which will not really cut it for the 3600 I was suppose to swim yesterday. I guess the mile I will get in will be better than nothing. Lesson learned I guess: don't skip your workouts because you feel like crap after going to the dentist.
3. Just something random, but Kiwi ran out our front door this morning as we were taking our bikes out. She has gotten so fat that she got herself stuck in-between the railings that are run between me and my neighbors house. It was so funny as she just meowed for help and tried to wiggle herself through. The poor thing is up to 20 pounds I believe. I swear I have her on a diet...

Happy Thurs All :)


  1. agreed, sometimes you just need a break!

  2. Sometimes you just need a rest day! One or two missed workouts won't kill you. I wouldn't worry about it unless it becomes a weekly habit.

  3. We totally need a picture of Kiwi stuck in the fence ;) Poor cat!

    When you need a break, take and then forget it. Once missed workout isn't the end of the world.

  4. There isn't anything wrong with listening to your body and taking a break! And the kitty story is hysterical-our cat Hoocer got stuck in our entertainment center once because he had put on a little extra weight