Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bacon/Grilled Cheese Ride

Rachel, Karen, Jason, and myself met up in Potomac, MD on Sunday at 7:30am to ride bikes... 

Karen had set up a wonderful ride with a rest stop at her Aunt's in Frederick, MD. They were so sweet and had all the food anyone could ask for!

Instead of writing a full recap of how our ride went, I will just write a recap by the numbers ....
* number of cue sheets forgotten: 2

* number of sun burns from cue sheet stuck in shorts legs: 1

* number of times we missed the road we were supposed to turn on: at least 10 times

* number of people who never made it to Karen's Aunt: 1

* number of bacon strips consumed: 4 (by me)

* number of grilled cheeses eaten: 2 (by me)

* number of people who didn't feel like riding back after our rest stop: 3

* number of people who said they were slow and they are actually fast: 1

* number of chains dropped: 1

* number of people to put chain back on: 2

* number of crashes: 1

* number of times we lost Karen: 1

* number of people who laid on the ground at the BP in Poolesville: 1

* number of bugs eaten: 1

* number of feet climbed: 5,400

* number of hills: way to many!

* number of miles ridden: 78

* number of times I thought my bike might tip over going 4-5 mph up hill: greater than 10

* number of people who were not happy that I tacked on extra miles: 1 

* number of pizza's eaten after ride: 1 

Happy Tues All :) 


  1. This is hilarious!

    I think there were at least two of us unhappy about the extra miles....

  2. wow, that's an awesome spread!!

    What big hill is that? I want!!

    1. 1st hill is - On Berryville rd off of Seneca Rd . Pretty hill back road.
      2nd hill is - Old Hundred Rd & n fredrick rd
      3rd hill is - Old Hundred Rd & Thurston Rd, 11, Montgomery, Maryland 20842

    2. Jason, I think that return trip hill on Old Hundred Rd was when you asked me if I was in my small ring. I was like, yeah! This is all I've got!! Haha!

      Beth, It's a great ride. Holler if you want the cue sheet to use for some of the roads. Plenty of gas stations and stuff along the route for refueling.

  3. OMG, Bacon/Grilled Cheese Ride is the MOST PERFECT ride EVER!!!

  4. Sounds like a great ride! I don't think I'd want to start riding again after all that tasty food either. :)

  5. Haha great post! I'm glad you had a good time!

  6. Cute post! And all of that food is making me drool.

  7. This is my favorite part of the post:

    Number of people who laid on the ground at the BP in Poolesville: 1


    1. Always happy to provide long ride entertainment!