Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 15 ~ Recovery Week

Last week was recovery week. So I should feel nice and refreshed today and ready to tackle this week, but I'm not. I stayed up way past my bed time watching ironman finishers and am exrta sleepy today. Hoping to re-bank some sleep time the rest of the week if that's possible?
Anyhow, here's how last week went:  
Monday ~ Rest Day
Tues ~
Bike 19.6 miles (1:20)
Fresh Bikes Hill ride with an extra little 4 mile loop thrown in there. I think I may do this little loop 1 more time to get over 20 miles in for the day.
Run: 2 miles (:19)
Short little brick run. Nothing special
Wed ~
Run 6.6 miles (:57)
Track workout around Lincoln park. It was hard and I really struggle with the last 800m. I def need more speed work in my life
Swim: FAIL!!!
Pool was overcrowded and they weren't letting people in. Waited 15 minutes to be let into the pool, just to find out they only have two 20 yard lap lanes for the summer. I sat at the edge of the pool. I was too overwhelmed by the amount of horse play that was going on in said lap lanes and just left.
Thurs ~
Bike: 25.2 miles (1:25)
Met up with the DC Tri B group for some pace line work around Haines. I tried my best to keep up, but once you're dropped, you're dropped! I basically got my ass handed to me on a plate. It was a hard workout for me and some of us ended up forming a B- group. ha.
Swim: 2500 meters (:45)
Make up swim for missing it on wen. I basically just swam until the pool closed. I ended up swimming 2000 m straight then just did 5 x 100.
Friday ~
Run: 2 miles (:18)
I ended up with a crazy commute due to a flat on my road bike. So I walked my road bike into my office, ran home to pick up my hybrid, then road that bike back in. Why all this extra stuff, I wanted to swim as soon as I got off work and needed a bike to get to the pool. The run itself, well I felt good and wished I could have just kept running.
Swim: 3200 meters (1:10)
First time swimming at Haines Point 50 meter outdoor pool. 

True there is some weird floaty stuff in the water, but overall I like the pool. I managed to fit in my entire workout before the lifeguards kicked us out for thunder.
Bike: 55.5 miles (3:30)
Group ride with the DC Tri to include Rachel, Victoria, Jason, and the other Sarah! Yep I got to see my tri twin! Anyhow, it was a nice little ride out to the T and Back. Once at the T some of us headed back to DC and some went out to ride out to Poolesville. The worst part of the ride as always is biking back through the city to our house. Hate city traffic and stop lights.
Run: 2.3 miles (:20)
Hot brick run! Plus I had a bike nutrition fail. I gulped down some water/gatorade and threw some honey stinger chews down the old hatch before starting the run. However I was hungry again by mile 2. If this run would have been any longer it would have turned into a suffer fest.  
Run: 9.56 miles (1:24)
PRR group run in which I ended up running with Mia. I had around 9 miles and she had 10 which was perfect. Our paces seemed to work out great as well :)
Swim: 3000 meters (1:05)
Swam down at Haines again and guessing on my time here as I didn't really look at my phone before or after I started. Anyhow, I forgot to put sun screen on the back of my legs/butt and guess what? They are bright red today and hurt!!!
Swim: 8700 meters
Bike: 100.3 miles
Run: 22.46 miles
Plus other bike commute stuff that I don't feel like adding up.
Add what do I to look forward to this week? Total 200!!!! Well not the total 200 miles but the 200k bike option. I'm sure it will be a blast. And it's not too late if you want in on the fun, I think you can still register.
Also congrats to all the IRONMAN who raced over the weekend :)
Happy Monday all :)  


  1. Nice miles! I'm so jealous of your outdoor pool I'm stuck indoors in a 20m pool.

  2. Really awesome week! I had no idea that Haines point had an outdoor pool. Much better to swim in an outdoor pool than indoors!