Monday, June 11, 2012

IM Training - Week 13

Last week I had some ups and downs in my training. For the most part my workouts went well with the exception of one run. During this run I questioned my sanity as to why in the world am I doing an ironman in the Kentucky August Heat? But shortly after these feelings I was back to thinking I love IM training.

Anyhow, here's how it went:
Monday - Rest Day! Plus a 4 mile commute and coaching for 4 hours :(
* Bike ~ 16.9 miles (1:02): Finally made it out to a Fresh Bikes Hill ride. It was a lot of fun and loved socializing/eating after the ride. Although I skipped my brick run afterward the ride and I am suppose to be riding longer than an hour. Next time I will need to do a loop on my own.
* Swim ~ 2700 yards (:50): Ugh, didn't have enough time in the pool to finish my workout before they closed for the swim team.
* Run ~ 6.54 miles (:57): Ran at a real track for the first time in a very long time and had fun!
* Bike ~ 22.1 miles (1:18): Rode at Haines Point with the DC Tri B group. Will have to make this a weekly thing
* Swim ~ 3620 yards (1:07): Pool was reconfigured to 20 yards so I had to do some extra counting, but I was happy to be swimming. Did 7 x 500 with some cool down laps
* Bike ~ 89.1 miles (5:35): Jason and I met up with Rachel and she rode with us to the T before heading back home. We continued to take a back route up to Poolesville hitting around 45 miles when we made it to the gas station. Originally I had us doing a loop once up there, but mentally that didn't sound like fun, so we just did an out and back.
* Brick Run ~ 3.3 miles (:30): Death by brick run by heat! I felt like I was just stumbling along then I saw 91 degrees on the bank sign as I ran past it on Penn. I guess that right there explained why I was struggling so bad!  
* Run ~ 14 miles (2:30): OMG the worst run in my life! Threw up at mile 4. Called Jason to come pick me up, then I said no. I am tougher than this and I don't have to option of quitting during IM so I continued to run. I called Jason again at mile 9 and ask him if he would run the last 3 miles with me when I made it back to our house. He was ready to go when I made it there and I was so happy to be running with someone those last few miles.
* Swim ~ 3200 yards (1:05): crowded summer pool! But still got a good workout in. I also had Jason time me on a 100 because I never time myself and have no clue how fast/slow I am swimming. I finished my mini time trail in 1:32 which was all out for me. Conclusion, I need to do more speed work in the pool and push myself harder.
Swim: 9520 yards
Bike: 128.1 miles
Run: 23.84 miles
Commute miles by bike: 18
For this week: I would like to work on staying more positive during my long run. I also will be getting out the door by 5:30 am and not waiting till 7:45ish.
Happy Monday All :) 


  1. That's scary that you threw up on the long run! Do you know why? And wow-- long bike ride!

  2. Sounds like another strong week! I hope you figured out what caused your stomach issues on Sunday so you can prevent that from happening again.