Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rambling about nothing Really...

1. We are not even half way through this year and I am researching races for next year. I think I officially have a problem. The big question to myself though is: do I want to do another ironman next year or do I want to do a bunch of 70.3s and work on getting faster? I have a big goal in my head for the 70.3 distance and I would love to see if I could achieve it? But on the other hand, up to this point I have been having fun with IM training. Sure some of the workouts suck in the hot weather, but it's nothing I can't really handle. Yeah, I know I don't have to make up my mind today, but I'm kind of just thinking out loud here or I guess typing.
2. Before I get ahead of myself with next year, I opened up my schedule this week to find: Week 15: "Recovery Week". And so far I am loving recovery week. More importantly I am looking forward to less saddle time this weekend and only a 80 minute run! Does that mean I can sleep in?? Ha, no. I actually don't think I can even sleep past 7am anymore.
3. I am going to start swimming at Haines Point pool after work on Fridays. This way I will not be rushed to try to finish my workout in an hour. Looking forward to swimming outside even if I hear it's not the prettiest pool.
Happy Tues All :)


  1. I am headig to vacation next week and where we stay has an outdoor pool large enough to do laps in and I can't wait to get in that pool. There is something cool to me about doing laps in an outdoor pool!

  2. I love researching races! Just recently I was looking at spring 2013 marathons. :)

  3. Well I won't judge you since we are already planning 2013 and 2014 :) You should come do the Musselman Triathlon with us next year!