Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap - Tri-ing Again ...

As usual my weekend was filled with all things: swim, bike, and run. Which means it was a good weekend :) 

We woke up extra early in an attempt to make it down to General Smallwood Park in Indian Head Maryland by 6am to start our wheels rolling. We needed to start early because DC Tri Clubs Bric-Nic started at 11am ~ well that's when the picnic part was staring and that's when I wanted to be finished with my brick workout by. My training schedule had my doing a 4-5 hour ride with a 35 minute run afterwards. I think I would have been ok with finishing this workout on time if there wasn't all these ifs put into the ride.

We did make it to the park a little before 6am and parked our car by the boat docks. I was pretty much ready to roll from this location but a couple other DC Tri-ers said we were parking else where and well I guess we thought it was better to just move our car to the correct location. Jason drove the car, while I biked over to the correct picnic area. Some of the faster kids were still getting their bikes ready, so Jason and I just started rolling as we weren't doing the same workout as them anyhow and figured they would catch up to us. So by the time this was all said and done it was already 6:30, a whole half hour after I wanted to start.

Just 5 miles into the ride ~ pop~ Jason gets a flat! Now changing a flat is not a quick thing to do, at least for us it's not. So 25 minutes or so later we were rolling again. So yeah now basically it's like we started an hour late and could have just enjoyed ourselves and slept in a little later.

Also, our recon mission of scooping out General Smallwood's oly bike course ended shortly after we missed one of the turns. I originally wanted to do three loops of the course, but yeah I didn't even get one in. Instead we ended up doing some of the Waterman's course and had to pull out goole maps a couple times on the ride to figure out where we were. Not a big deal at all and we ended back at the park with about 55 miles.

Our Route - So not the right route! 

It was already 10:30 at this point and Jason just rode into the park while I just kept riding. I wanted to get at least 70 miles in, so my plan was to do an out and back to get extra miles in. Now I don't mind riding by myself but the last 10 miles were hell. I had ran out of all my water and food. I was so thirsty and hungry. I felt like I was pedaling extra slow and thought I might tip over. As I got closer to the park I saw others running the run course and thought they might be running faster than I was biking. I was bonking bad! For a split second I thought about skipping my brick when I made it back to the park 73 miles later and saw everyone else eating and laughing. I was not a happy camper and just ran up the picnic area, grabbed some water and a honey stinger waffle and started my run. I thought it was going to suck, but the waffle and water made me feel better and I averaged a 9 minute mile off the bike for almost 4 miles. 

Once finished, I was finally able to enjoy myself with the rest of my fellow triathletes. It was a fun day despite not having the best ride.

It was another early wake up call as it was the first day I would be doing a group run with the PRR group in Georgetown. We met at 6:30am and different groups formed depending on what time/distance you wanted to do. I did a fun easy run with Victoria, Rachel, and Jason. Victoria and myself had a little longer to run so we continued once the others got back to the meeting spot. I had a 1:10 minute run on my schedule and ended up doing just a little more than that, and finished with 12 miles. The weather was perfect for this run and I wish I could have bottled it up somehow and saved it for race day.

Once back home, I took a little nap, ate lunch and went to the pool. Ok Kiwi took a nap too! Well wait, she is always taking a nap ... she has the life! 

Anyhow, I always say I will swim at Haines pool on the weekend, but then the convenience factor sets in and I always just go the Eastern Market pool since it's only 5 blocks from my house. The swim itself was a struggle for me but I managed to squeeze in 7 x 500s before I was finished. Jason had been waiting for me outside since his swim workout doesn't take as long as mine. So afterwards, we got fresh squeezed lemonade, fresh peaches, and a hot pretzel. Ahhh... how I love swimming at this pool and having all the treats of eastern market after you finish.

To finish up our day we went to Ruth Chris steak house to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. I love steak and fresh hot bread so it was a great dinner.

 I hope everyone had a great weekend! What was your favorite thing you did?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Sorry that you had some trouble on your ride on Saturday! My favorite thing was riding around a lake with my husband this weekend :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! The weather was perfect. I wish it could stay like that all summer.

  3. We've been lucky with a few unseasonably cool weekends thrown our way this summer! Glad you were able to take FULL advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend! I did SkyMass again this weekend, and it was amazing how much less I sweated during that ride this weekend compared to Memorial Day weekend because it was so much cooler.