Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Friday

1. I am scared to walk through revolving doors. I hate them. If there is not a normal door on a building I have a mini panic attach before having to walk through the revolving one.
2. I don't like my contacts, but I'm scared to get eye surgery
3. I love shopping but never have a chance to really wear normal clothes anymore.
5. Hard Boiled eggs are getting hard for me to eat, but they are a good pre-long ride food.
6. Kiwi looks like a bowling ball because she's so fat
7. I don't handle stress well and usually cry, throw things, or yell
8. I made a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon on it the other day. Heaven!
9. I had a mini panic attack because my pool changed to 20 yards (with only 2 lanes) for the summer.
10. I am swimming at new pools for the summer
11. I'm already trying to pick out a costume to wear during the Marine Corp Marathon
12. I am loving recovery week
13. I got a flat this morning on my road bike and my repair kit was on my tri bike #fail
14. Every time I see a cat on the sidewalks I yell "kitty" out loud and go over and pet it and try to lure it home with me.
15. I am excited to get my IM book bag in a couple months. They look sweet!
16. I purchased one way tickets to San Fran and haven't bothered buy a ticket home yet.
17. I keep on forgetting to take off my wedding rings before swimming. It's annoying because they feel like they are going to fall off the whole time, which just makes me cup my hand extra hard
18. I want to organize my closet and give some clothes away.
19. I learned to write cursive with my left hand and print with my right hand. I thought this was the cool thing to do in second grade.
20. I have not complained about the heat this week. There is nothing I can do about it.
Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone racing Ironman CDA

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  1. #7 - I'm a crier when I get stressed and/or angry. No matter how hard I try to control it, I can't hold back the tears. Particularily embarrassing when you do it in front of your boss - like I did yesterday. :-/