Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thurs

1. I had no trouble getting up at 5:15 yesterday to head out for my 9 mile weekday long run. I was actually even looking forward to it :) I usually like to do my long runs on the weekends, but since I have a race on Sunday, I am taking sat as a rest day and wanted to make sure I still got this run in sometime this week. The weather is finally starting to feel better and the run flew by yesterday. Even though I was wearing my watch I had mapped out a rough 9 mile route that would take me all around dc. I gave myself a small tour of DC starting off on Capitol Hill and ran through China Town, Logon, Dupont, Adams Morgan, U st, Downtown, the White House, and finished it off on the mall.

It was still dark out when I left my house at 5:30, but it was pretty to watch the sunrise as I was running. I sometimes think I should listen to music when I run, but I never do. Instead I just think about god knows what while I'm running. I had some small stomach issues on this run and thanked my lucky stars that there is a star bucks at just about every corner! This was also the first run that I used my Nathan's water bottle and loved it. Overall the run was great, but I would like to get my pace down by about 30 seconds per mile.

2. Because I did my long run in the morning and this is an easy week for my with the race this weekend, I didn't have to double up on my workouts. Which meant Wednesday evening was free and I could act like a normal person. So, me and M (aka Jason) went out to dinner on H st at Smith Commons. And I also still have time to watch one episode of Made Men before hitting the hay.

3. I'm still really nervous about the swim leg of the tri! I know I am not going to sleep at all on Sat night. I will be too busy having nightmares about swimming!

Happy Thurs all! The weekend is almost here!


  1. a normal person?! i think i have forgotten what that is like.

    tons of luck this weekend!!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked the Nathan bottle!

    Good luck this weekend! No swimming nightmares, it will go well! :)

  3. kick ass this weekend! and dont worry about the swim- you are going to kick booty!