Wednesday, August 10, 2011

North East Tri (OLY distance) - Goals Post

Well after racing in my first ever duathlon last Sunday I now have the confident that I can indeed bike 26 miles (with lots of hills, at that) and run 4 miles in the heat. So, I am not too worried about either one of these legs going into this race this weekend, although I would really like to improve on my run. What I am worried about is the swim!! My stomach is already turning in knots thinking about swimming 1500 meters. Will I have to hold onto one of the boats? Will I die? Will I get kicked in the face? Yep, I just made myself even more nervous. But overall my goal for this weekend is to race smart and survive my first ever Olympic distance tri. I want to have a positive mind set through out the race and  cross the finish line with a smile on my face. I would also like to have no regrets when I cross the finish line and know that whatever time is on the clock is the best I could do. I want to make sure I give 100% effort and not wine for hours after the race about something I wish I could have done differently.

I do have some loose time goals in my head for the North East Tri, but since this is my first tri at this distance I really don't know what to expect out of myself?

The Swim - 1500 meters
I really have no clue at all how long this will take me to finish? I usually don't wear a watch in the pool so I'm not even sure what my pool mile time is? I'm guessing here that it's around 32 minutes. With that said, add open water, people swimming around me, me panicking, and who knows what else I'm assuming that it's going to be slower. How much slow? who knows? I am just hoping to survive this swim and come out of the water thanking my lucky stars that I lived. But in all honestly, I would like to be out of the water in 40 minutes. My swim wave is the very last swim wave to enter the water. They are having the sprint distance go first and I have no clue why? Seems smarter to have the Oly go first since our race is longer.  My wave doesn't start till 8:05am, but at least by going last I don't have to worry about as many swimmers swimming over top me. My plan is to start in the very back, which means I will probably be the last person out of the water! Good god, that's a scarey thought!

T1 and T2
I would like to not fumble around as much as during my first tri. I would be happy with 3 minutes each. As it looks like we have to run at least 200 meters from the swim into the tranistion area and I'm not sure about the bike?

The Bike - 23.2 miles
I have looked and looked and can't seem to find an elevation map for this course? So, I have no clue what to expect here? Rolling hills, lots of hills, false flats, flat as a pancake, who the heck knows?? With that said, I hope to just handle my bike well. I also would like to work on my nutrition on the bike. I am not sure how much I should be drinking/eating for this distance tri? I am going to make sure to drink one water bottle and eat shot blocks along the way. I'm not sure if I need to eat a granola bar or something too? My stomach is super sensitive when I run so I don't want to over do it. I usually run a half marathon without eating/drinking anything because when I get stuff in my stomach slashing around I usually just throw up. Anyhow, time wise without knowing the course, I'm not sure what my time goal should be? I'm not really a strong cyclist, so I think I would be happy with holding a 17.5mph pace or off my bike in an 1:20.  I also think at this pace I will not completely trash my legs for the run.

The Run - 10k
Once what I thought would be my strongest leg on the tri is one of my weakest. The run is were I pretty much have just fallen apart on my last two races. My goal is NOT to fall apart here! But, I'm not sure how to do this?? I know by the time I hit the ground running it's going to be pretty late into the day around since I'm starting so late. I hope the weather gods are on my side and the sun and humidity are not super high that day. I want to enjoy this run and not have the awful thoughts of why in the world did I sign up for this? My approach is to take it slow for the first couple of miles and then try for some negative splits at the end. I haven't down a brick workout with 6 miles after the bike going into this race, so that could hurt me. I once again have no clue what my time goal should be here. I would like to be below an 9 minute pace. I guess I'll go with a total of 55 minutes.

Total time: 3 hours


  1. Figure out your eating, and you'll feel better on the run. If you're sloshing, then something is wrong. I spent a lot of time last season figuring out how to eat without getting sick, and it made a big difference. I ate a pack of chomps (200 cals) and drank about 100 cals in sports drink on the bike. I should have brought something with me on the run too, but I didn't. So make sure you do! Good luck!

  2. Good luck! Don't try to crush the bike, because there's still almost an hour of running when you get off it. Have a great race!

  3. Good luck! I bet you have a great shot at 3 hours.

    I am so bad that drinking on the bike and have never even tried to eat. This is one (of many) reasons that I have avoided the Olympic distance so far. It definitely seems like proper nutrition is the key to a success ride and run.

  4. I agree with what everyone has said about nutrition - it's crucial on the bike so that you are fueled on the run. Have fun!

  5. Don't sweat the swim. You've been doing long swims, just stay focused and calm and keep your heart rate down. And remember that it's FUN. WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  6. Good luck girl! I ate a granola bar at the very beginning of the bike because I also have a sensitive stomach...I think you'll need something for sure. 3 hours of tri-ing takes a lot of energy!

  7. you are going to do great! and it is going to be a wonderful learning experience! and I think you can totally get 3 hours if everything goes according to plan!