Friday, August 19, 2011

My Tri - Twin

For those of you who did not already know, I have a tri-twin! Her name you ask, why of course it's Sarah Karpinski :)

Things we have in common:

1. The most awesome name in the word: Sarah Karpinski!!! and although we have to compete with each other for email addresses, screen names, and twitter ids, it's ok because we are just that awesome.

2. We are the same age (our b-days are within one month of each other)

3. We both live in DC

4. We both lived at 17th and T at one point

5. We ride the same bike: Gait Avail 1 .... can you tell who is who ?

 I guess we both like racing in blue tops as well, and might have the same water bottles too :)

6. We both love running

7. We have been running in the same races for years and good thing for bib numbers or else I would have no clue who's results were who's. We usually cross the finish line within minutes of each other.

8. We ran our first marathon together - The Marine Corps Marathon in 2004 -  with out either one of us knowing that there was indeed another Sarah Karpinski out there! This might be the race we found out about each other?? But it would take until this year to finally meet by chance at an open water swim clinic!

Who is this other Sarah Karpinski? And my goodness we finished with-in minutes of eachother!

9. We both got into triathlons this year

10. Yet another first for both us - Our first tri was the DC Tri

Oh know... who is who?

11. We went running together this morning and I had such a good time. It's always nice to have a running buddy to chit chat with, but it's even better when it's your long lost twin!!

Does anyone body else have a twin out there, who has the same name and everything in common??

Happy Friday All!


  1. This may be the coolest story ever.

  2. ok, that's hilarious! weird. :)

  3. Love the post, Sarah! As if our name wasn't enough....the list of things we have in common just keeps on growing! Hope you had a good weekend and let's plan another run soon.