Friday, August 26, 2011

Forgetting Your Work Clothes

On a daily basis I am either: walking, running, or biking into work. I commute this way into my office rain, sun, or snow and I have not taken the metro in over 2 years. I obviously never wear my dress clothes into work (even when I'm walking because I sweat like a pig) and always  bring a small bag with my change of clothes in it. On some days, I bring my clothes into work the day before so that I may get in a ride at Haines Point or a long run before heading straight into work from my workout. I love these days because doing a long run and going straight to work as appose to going home first saves me so much time! And anytime I can sleep in longer is a positive in my book!

But, there is a downside to these commutes.... the fear of forgetting your dress clothes, under wear, bra, etc :( If you have a green commute you are bound to forget something sooner or later!

my outfits hanging up all nice at my office

Last week I brought three outfits in on Tues for the rest of the week. This way I could mindlessly roll out of bed and hit the ground running on my way to work. Friday rolled around and I had a 10 mile long run on the books. The run went great, but once I got into work I realized I didn't have any underwear to change into :( I had no other choice but to go commando for the day. Not my favorite thing to do at all and I suppose I could have went to Victoria's Secret in Union Station, but I didn't. Friday was the first time I forgot my undies :( But, over the years I have also forgotten my bra (more than once) and my dress pants and my shirt for the day! When I forget my pants or shirt I either go back home (4 mile round trip) or go up to Express in Union and just buy what I need. Oh the stresses of a green commute!

Yesterday, I get this lovely email from my one and only:

"I was late for work because I grabbed your black BCBG pants for work. So I had to go over to men’s warehouse and buy another pair. Nose tap!!!"

I was laughing so hard at my desk because I have been there before. And I was laughing at the thought of Jason trying to put on my pants and realizing they were way too small! At least he got a new pair of pants out of it :)

When you get into work have you ever opened your bag and realized you forgot something? I would love to hear your stories :)

Happy Friday All and I hope the Hurricane doesn't mess with your plans too bad !!


  1. I routinely forget my hairbrush when I commute. it's not good.

  2. HA! I forgot a bra AND a hairbrush today. Fortunately, I look awesome in a white scoopneck shirt with a blue sports bra underneath and my hair in a messy bun.

  3. I have yet to forget anything, but I know it is coming. Once I stop being super obsessive about making sure I have everything in my bag I'll be leaving something out.

    Also, I love that Jason took your pants to work!

  4. I pretty much keep a closet worth of clothes under my desk at any given time so it's rare that I'm completely without. We're also really lax in terms of dress so if worst comes to worse, I just stay in my sweaty gym clothes.

  5. Alright, I know you don't know how to respond, but maybe you could do an entire post on this. I live 19 miles from the school where I teach, so running is really out of the question, but biking could happen but I need to know how you do this. Not to pry into your personal things, but since you wrote about it, sort of: Do you have the ability to shower at work? Or do you do the "baby wipe" type shower. I tend to sweat like hooker in church also, but I don't really care what I smell like when I'm in a room full of 7th graders.

  6. I live 7 miles from my office, but all of the roads to get there are so awful that I'm not sure i would make it! My office does have a gym with a shower so i just drive to work early, ride or run from there and get my day going.

    Have yet to forget any clothes. *knocks on wood*