Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. have been on a peanut butter and jelly kick for the last two weeks.
2. add peaches to that kick. they are so good!
3. Extra's dessert flavored gum (mint chocolate chip ice cream) does not taste like ice cream :(
4. I must be hungry because I have listed three 3 foods already.
5. My cat demands pets in the middle of the night and shoves her head under my hands! So I sometimes have to hide my hands under the covers so she stops and I can sleep.
6. I just found out I can get 20 bucks a month for commuting to work on my bike! Can they back pay me a couple of years?
7.  I have had a cup with dried up ranch dressing in it on my desk at work for a week now. Why am I so gross?
8. I have changed out of work out shorts into jeans while driving. I don't recommend doing this!
9. M (aka Jason) is riding 60 mile tomorrow without me. I am jealous, but want my legs fresh for my race on Sunday.
10. I have to make up a floor routine for one of my gymnasts. There will be lots of dancing around my house soon.
11. Speaking of floor routines whenever I hear music I think to myself that would make great floor music!
12. I like wearing dresses because you always look put together and you don't have to worry about matching anything together.
13. I haven't made an eye appointment in 3 years and have just been self ordering contacts off the internet. I have no clue what my real prescription should be?
14. I'm wearing my glasses today because my eyes have been killing me.
15. I forgot my CC today at work and have no lunch. Why am I so forgetful all the time?
16. I need new cleats for my bike shoes. The rubber came off mine and it makes it hard to clip in.
17. I drank chocolate milk after my long run this week and it tasted great.
18. I want from froyo right now. 32 below on 8th is a must tonight.
19. I only know two phone numbers by heart. My parents and M's. Everyone else, sorry if I lost my phone I couldn't call you anymore.
20. Am I the only person who doesn't like Disney World?
Have a great weekend all and good luck to all racing!

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