Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: Irene Edition

As big bad hurricane Irene approached the DC area I got ready by moving my long run to Friday morning, so Sat morning I would be free to squeeze in a ride. My 11 miles went great on Friday morning, although I must say one of the downsides about running right into my office is being forced to just sit down after running so long. When I got back out of my chair my legs felt a little wobbly.

Anyhow, Sat morning Jason and I were out the door at 7am with a planned 30 - 40 mile bike ride. The skies looked very dark, so I wanted to stay close to home just in case the rain really started to hammer down on us.  So, we just headed to Haines Point, oh boy. We rode only three laps and the cops had blocked off the entrance to the long loop and also closed the gate at the other end. On our third loop they drove by us twice telling us we needed to exit the park, so we did. I wasn't upset that we had to leave early because it did look like it was about to storm any minute and I was just happy that I was still able to get in 17 miles for the day.

The rest of the day went a little something like this and it was wonderful:

1. Watched Kiwi get her self into trouble by jumping up to the window then the fence!

 2. I finished watching Mad Men ... such a great show and now I don't know what  I am going to do with myself since I have finished all the seasons!

3. I ate an entire box of Cheez - Its ... yes an entire box!!! I'm not sure what else I had for the day?

4. I went for a beer run at our corner store and proceeded to drink 5 beers and pass out by 7pm. What I had to rehydrate after my big 17 mile ride...

5. Spending the entire day on the couch doing nothing meant I got to spend time with this cat!

Sunday morning rolled around and I slept in to a whooping 7 o'clock (what the heck? I went to bed at 12:30). The skies still looked dark and it was a bit windy out, but it had finally stopped raining. My butt was killing me from sitting on it all day yesterday because I was drunk there was a hurricane and I need to get out of the house. I went for a nice little 2.5 mile walk around my neighborhood to check out the damage from the storm. And oh boy let me tell you there was a lot of damage! Twigs on the side walks, umbrellas turned inside out, a tree in the middle of the road, and a branch into someone's car!

 Then Jason played around with the camera and got some running shots of me :) He got a new lens for the camera and I think he might be in love with it.

I guess with this new lens, Jason may even be able to find me in the water and get some swimming shots at the Nations Tri :)

Riding in style to Cit Bikes
After doing some more of nothing I went up to City Bikes to take my bike in to get a tune up. There was an extra long wait (a family of 4 with all flat tires...and the store would not just let me drop it off even though I didn't want the work done today.) When I finally made it to the front of the line a half hour later they told me I would not be able to pick it up until Thurs. OMG are you kidding me, Thurs! There was no way that I could afford not to ride my bike until Thurs so I stormed out of there pissed off because they told me Monday on the phone. The guys must have overheard me bitching complaining and talked to me outside of the store and he told me it would be ready on Tues. So I left it with him and I am just praying that it will be ready then!

After the bike dropped off, I headed over to dinner at Senart's Oyster & Chop House. It was the first time I have eaten there and I got the hanger steak. It was very yummy and I will def. be going back.

yummy new place to eat :)

 Overall my weekend of doing absolutely nothing was really great and relaxing! Thank you hurricane Irene for giving me this chance to rest! 

How did you spend your weekend in the rain? Were you just as lazy as I was? 


  1. oooh, I love Mad Men. That sounds like a pretty decent weekend!

  2. I ate a whole bag of cinnamon sugar pita chips - yum! :) Something about being stuck inside for a hurricane just makes you want to snack.

  3. I just finished mad men season 4 and am now depressed. I recommend breaking bad if you need another new show