Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Duthe2 Goals Post

This Sunday is my first ever duathlon! Looking back I'm not sure why I signed up for a race in August...can we say hot and some more hot! What was I thinking? Regardless of the sucky hot weather I'm pretty excited for the race. I think it should be a a lot of fun and I'm using it as practice for my tri the following weekend. With that said, I'm not expecting a lot of my self at this race. I want to play it smart since it will be extra warm and overall just enjoy myself while I'm running, biking, and running.

Oh and did I mention that this is Jason's first ever multi-sport event! I don't think he is as excited about it as I am excited that he is doing it! Since Jason starts before me, I hope to catch back up to him on the second run since he will be kicking my ass in the bike!

Anyhow, here are a few time goals that I do have in mind.

Run - 2 miles - 17 minutes
I have never done a duathlon so I'm not sure how fast you are suppose to do these first 2 miles? I think I will shot for an 8:30 pace and hope to finish in 17 minutes.

Bike - 26 miles - 1:40
I have been lacking some serious cycling confidence as of late and I don't expect a lot out of myself on this leg except to survive! The course looks like it has some rolling hills with a little hill at the end. We do the loop twice, so I get to enjoy all the hills twice :) I pretty much suck at hills though! I am working at getting better at them, but until then I hope I can hold a 15.6 mph pace. Plus I think in my sprint tri I trashed my legs on the bike averaging 18.5 mph and my run suffered from it.

Run - 4 - 35 minutes 
We get to run the same loop twice (oh joy, I hate that kind of course) and it looks to have some more hills! I'm hoping to play it smart on the bike and make sure I drink, so I'm not dehydrated by the time I start my run. I would be happy to average a 8:45 pace for the 4 miles.

T1 and T2
My feet will not be wet, so this should be a pretty quick in and out!

Total time: 2:38

Happy Tues All!


  1. I almost signed up for this race! I really want to branch out into multi-sport events but I am not a swimmer (yet). Good luck! Can't wait to read the recap!

  2. oooh, i've never done a duathlon - i'd rather swim than run twice. have a blast!!

  3. Good luck on Sunday! Hopefully the hills won't be too bad.