Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am Cursed!!!!

Last year on this very same day - August 16th - I crashed while riding my bike pretty bad. It was a nice sunny day, but I took a turn to fast and wide and was going to run into a stop sign. So it was either hit the stop sign dead on or try to cut my wheel hard right. When I cut my wheel my back tire skidded out from under me and I went down. The first thing to hit was my left knee then my right arm and hand. I jump up after the fall and started to continue to walk towards work (since I was about a half mile away) then I felt really dizzy and the sweat started pouring off of me. I looked down and I had blood dripping down my leg and my hands had chunks of skin hanging off of them and I guess more blood was dripping off my arm. I sat down on the wall in front of the Capitol to dig my phone and call Jason to come get me. My hands were shaking and I still felt like I was going to pass out. Since I crashed by the Capitol the Capitol Police came over to help me within minutes. They thought I had hit my head because I was pretty out of it. I couldn't get ahold of Jason (he had just got a new phone and I had put the number in wrong) and I didn't want to go to the hospital. The police could not drive me home, so I stumbled home 1.5 miles crying with blood all over the place. Not a single person on my way home asked me if I was ok or if I needed help!! Once home Jason answered the door in shock and helped me get cleaned up. My knee was so swollon and did not stop bleeding for almost 5 days. I probably needed stitches?? who knows? I couldn't walk on it for over a week and took a taxi to work every day because even walking a half of mile to the metro hurt too bad.

Fast forward to this year on August 16th.... I am running to work this morning. Yes, not biking, running! And I trip over the side walk. I stumbled for a bit trying to get my footing, but it just wasn't happening and I bit the dust in the middle of the cross walk. I tucked my legs in because I did no want to hurt my knees and ended up just hitting my right for arm and palm of my hand pretty hard. I jumped up since I was in the middle of the road and looked around to see if anyone saw me? Nope, no one around! I continued into work holding my arm up for the next mile so blood would not be dripping down it or get on my shirt. Once to work my co-workers gasped when they saw me, but then started laughing as I was telling the story. I am obviously ok, but more embarrassed than anything!!! I am always so scared of falling while I'm cycling, but running, come on! Running is suppose to be the safe sport.

Anyhow, with two falls on the same day, two years in a row I am officially cursed!! I should have never laughed at that Voodoo lady last year in New Orleans. She put a hex on me, I know it. Next year I am using August 16th as a rest day!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That sucks. I am glad you are okay. Next year, August 16 should definitely be a rest day- and maybe even the 17th for good measure. :)