Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Evening filled with Tri-ing

Somehow or another, yesterday I ended up doing a tri (well sort of) on accident :) It was great to stuff in a lot of workouts last night, but my nutrition was a total failure!
I will start off saying that I ate lunch yesterday at 12:15. I had brought in left overs from Tues dinner which was spicy sausage with rice and green, yellow, and red peppers. It was yummy and I also had a peach. I had no snacks left at my desk so therefor when I left my office at 3:50 something I hadn't ate anything for almost 4 hours.
I had planned on swimming right after work and since the Eastern Market pool closes at 5pm, I ran the 1.5 miles there to get there as fast as possible. It took me about 13 minutes to run over... oh how I hate running with a bag on my back! I was in the water about 4:10 and found myself a lane to share. I wasn't feeling the swim at all and basically had to talk myself into to each set I did. I would be like ok Sarah if you stop swimming and get out of the pool you will be mad at yourself, just stay in and swim, you are almost finished. I had a cramp in my side almost the whole time I was swimming but stuck it out until the lifeguards kicked us out of the pool at 5 for closing time. I managed to fit my whole workout in minus my 200 cool down. I did the following: 200 warm up with a ladder: 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 400 - 300- 200 - 100. I was actually pretty happy I forced myself to stay in the water and finish this!
I walked home and proceed to stuff my face get some snacks before Jason got home. I had some humus with crackers, a glass of chocolate milk, a string cheese, and fruit snacks! Once Jason got home about a half hour later I changed into my cycling clothes and we headed down to Haines point for 20 miles of riding. The ride down to Haines is always super annoying with lots of stop and go through the city, but once there it felt good to be on my bike. I was actually having fun (something that I have not had while I'm riding in awhile!). There was some nasty head wind on the one side which made for a challenging ride, but other side the wind pushed you along and going 22mph was easy :) I tried to concentrate on how much water I was drinking and drank one water bottle on the ride, but didn't eat any of the shot blocks I had brought with me. It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to ride the 20 miles.
Once back home, I changed into my running shoes, took a big sip of Gatorade and out the door I went for a brick run. The second I hit the ground running my stomach started to turn. My legs, oh my legs felt fine, but not my stomach! The first mile seemed to go on forever and I wanted some water so badly. For some reason or another I didn't bring my water bottle with me and had nothing to drink while I was running which was a big mistake. By mile 2, I wanted to stop and walk, but kept telling myself this is how I might feel during a race and during a race I would be pissed at myself if I walked, so I kept running. My stomach issues continued on mile three and I had a couple throw up preps...gross. I have never been so happy when my watch beeped at mile 3 and I was finished. I managed to hold a decent pace despite my stomach issues and finished in 26 minutes. This was such a hard run for me!
When I ran into the house I motioned for Jason to get me water and Gatorade. Oh how they tasted so good!!! I was happy to be done with all three of my workouts and realized I ended up doing a triathlon with a big T1 time. But, as happy as I was to be done, I was disappointed because I had another huge nutrition failure. I am chalking this one up to eating lunch at 12 and not really eating again besides the few snacks after my swim. And my stomach hurt so bad the rest of evening that I never even ate dinner :(  And dinner was pizza...which is something I never pass up!
Happy Thurs All


  1. the wind was still pretty tough this morning at hains! and whew, lots of work for you!

  2. I frequently have stomach issues when I work out after work. I just can't seem to get the right eating schedule down during the day (or maybe it is what I am eating). This is why I have vowed never to sign up for a night race again. And one of the many reasons I prefer morning workouts.

  3. haha, that's a pretty crazy workout afternoon.

  4. You are hard-core! I have no idea how you do it. I'm planning to train for a tri next year, so maybe one day I'll be brave enough to join you at Haines Point, mabye...

    And I feel you on the stomach issues. On my last long run, I felt great. Legs felt strong, I felt energetic, my stomach however, not so much.