Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Things Friday~Nations Tri Edition

1. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I got this email:
"Due to the recent storms, city officials and event organizers have canceled the swim. Flooding and fast moving currents have created hazardous conditions for swimmers, so this year’s race will be a 40K bike and 10K run. The race will begin at 7:00 am following the same time trial starting procedure. Check your Athlete Service Platform for your Start Group # (which is the same as your Swim Group #). However instead athletes will now head directly into the transition area, grab their bikes and head out on a 40K bike followed by a 10K run."
Now, I understand why they canceled the swim, but I am just really disappointed! I just started swimming this year in Jan so I would be ready to swim a mile at Nations! I have basically trained my behind off and feel like my goal of racing in oly distance tri has just been taken away from me. Now I realize that there are other races out there, but this was going to be my "A" race. I think something must be plotting against me??? The last oly distance tri (North East Tri) that I attempted to race in, course was also shortened due to weather. Do I bring bad weather to every tri I try to do?? Uggg... needless to say I will be out there on Sunday biking and running my little heart out.
2. With all that said they are having us start in our swim corals and then running into the transitions 15 people or so at a time. My big question here is: "Do you start with your bike shoes on to save time in T1?" I know the ground is going to be a mud pit, but it's not going to be any different once you get into T1 and run your bike out. Either way in my opinion your bike shoes will be soaking wet and muddy when you hop on your bike. I just don't know what the smart thing would be to do? I actually had a hard time sleeping last night because I kept thinking about this. What should I do?
3. I'm going to the expo today around 4:30 - 5 to pick up my lucky number bib: 4920. I also hope that they have some cool stuff on sale that I can buy.
4. Tapering has been driving me crazy this week. I feel like I am just being lazy. Plus my knee has been hurting me when I'm only running 2 miles. WTF!!! This pain better go away!
5. Since this is really not a triathlon anymore and I am in shape and really wanting to do an oly distance, I have been scrambling for another race to register for. I don't want all my hard work to go to waste when all I wanted to do this year was race in tri. I know I have done two sprints, but the sprint distance was not my goal. Like I said I just feel really disappointed and that my heart might feel empty if I don't do one this year. I have came up with two choices: The Big Lick Tri, in Roanoke VA. Now this one seems like it is a nice course and is smaller. The down side is that it is a 4 hour drive plus the cost of a hotel. My other choice is the Club Chamionships in Myrtle Beach. This one looks really fun, but it's not a true oly distance with the swim only being 1000 meters, so I don't know? But, Jason is going to be in OH that weekend anyhow, so I have to find a way to intertain myself while he's away partying it up with his friends. Hmmm...which one should I do?
Happy Friday all. I hope everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. Look up Giant Acorn OLY down in Lake Anna, Oct 1. Perhaps an option? 10am start, only 2 hours away. I was supposed to swim for a relay - totally bummed!

  2. I was told don't run with bike shoes because it's muddy and you are going to get mud caked onto your cleats, so you might not be able clip in.

  3. I went over the river yesterday and it looks TERRIFYING! I'm glad you guys won't be swimming in that.

  4. I'm so sorry the swim is cancelled, but given how crazy it has been here recently, it seems like the smart decision. Good luck on Sunday!

    As for your other race, I'd probably pick the one in Roanoke. It's a shorter drive and I personally prefer smaller races.

  5. I would be beyond mad with a canceled swim. To console yourself, you should come to club nationals with me. I'm driving my big old station wagon and am very entertaining. Really.

  6. Ugh that sucks your swim is cancelled :( You definitely need to do one of the other olys after all your hard work. On the other hand, I'm happy you won't be swimming in it if it is dangerous.

  7. As far as the cycling shoes go....If you use cleats designed specifically for mountain biking, you should be fine starting out with them on. However, the vast majority of clipless systems do not work very well once they get muddy.