Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When to Swim?

I will start off saying I had a bad night yesterday.
I usually always swim after I finish coaching gymnastics on Monday and Thursday nights. I have not been doing so lately due to Fairland having the pool closed for a month for maintenance. I have been swimming at the eastern market pool instead, but they have wacky hours. Anyhow, I get into the pool about 8:35 yesterday to start my swim. All the kids practices are over at 8:30 so the pool is usually a lot less crowded at this time, but not empty. Yesterday it was empty when I got in with only a water aerobics class going on in the other pool. I started swimming and finished my 200 meter wu and thought this is odd all the lanes are still empty. I continued to swim and finished my 400 and still no one. Ok sweet, I'm thinking to myself: "I'm never going to have to share a lane with anyone again!" I started off for my 600 meter set and one of the lifeguards stop me at 500 meters and tell me the pool is closed!!! Wait, What?!?! Closed?!?! Why, I ask since it was only 9 o'clock? Apparently they changed their hours for this season (which is all year) to 9pm instead of 10pm.
NO!!! Why?!?! Que the pout fest that went for too long! I got out of the water in a huff and just rapped my towel around my waist and through on my zippy over my suit. I then proceeded to call Jason and bitch yell at him for no reason because I was so pissed about the pool changing their hours!!! I really have no clue once I start training for my half IM how I am going to fit in swimming now. Coaching twice a week from 5-8:30 really takes a good chunk of time out of my weekdays. Especially when it takes me an hour to get there and 45 minutes to get back. My whole evenings are gone and the only thing I had time for is a swim and now I can't even do that!
Poor Jason he really took the brunt of this. Our conversation went a little like this:
Jason: "Why not just swim in the morning?" he nicely asks!
Me: "Great idea, but the eastern market pool doesn't open till 6:30 and I have to be at work at 7:30, giving me only a half hour to swim again which will not work."
Jason: "Swim on Tues or Wed, since you don't have to coach those days"
Me: "No I can't do that, I have to run in the morning and bike in the evenings or vic versa."
Jason: "Drive up to Fairland during the week and swim since EM closes at 5pm?" 
Me: "Nooo... what a dumb idea, why in the world would I do that, I just said I have to bike and run on those days and it takes too long to get there, why would I drive to swim there!
Jason: "Wilson" (I think he was scared to ask because I was really yelling).
Me: No! same thing it takes to long to get there and I have to run and bike on those days.
Eventually, I just got off the phone because bitching talking about it wasn't helping me out.
Then I'm near Lincoln Park and I see a big hairy spider crawling on my wind shield! WTF!! I look closer to see if it's on the inside of my window and it is! I start to panic! I can no longer see the road and I'm just worried about the spider (I'm so scared of them). "I'll be home in 5 minutes I keep telling myself, 5 more minutes". But I couldn't do it, my car was going all over the place and I pulled over 2 blocks from my house and ran out the car. I called Jason while I had tears running down my face and asked him if he could drive the car home. I looked like a mess crying while only wearing a towel and a zip up sweat shirt walking home two big blocks. I don't know why he was still nice to me, but he was and took the extra time to find the spider, kill it, and then drive the car the rest of the way home.
It was one the worst evenings in a long time! I don't handle stress well and acted like the biggest baby lastnight and really blew everything out of proportion! Regardless, I still don't know what to do about the this swimming, but at least I'm thinking like a normal person today. And spiders .. please don't bother me!
Have you ever over reacted over your workout schedule?


  1. I feel your pain. I threw an absolute sh*t fit on Sunday when discussing future training and races with my boyfriend. At one point in the conversation he actually said, "races are not vacations!!" It wasn't pretty. Luckily everyone calmed down, and we're fine now. ;^) If you don't train for the sport, I don't think you can completely understand how it totally takes over your free time. There is no half-way in triathlon. You either go big or go home.

  2. UGH- very frustrating. There definitely is a tipping point where the stress becomes too much. Especially if you can't work out. To answer your question, I once yelled at a guy at my pool for no reason. Well, there was a reason, but it was stupid so I won't post it! But it was based in the fact that my lane was being taken and I was injured so I couldn't run either. Grrrr. I hope you figure out a swim schedule.

  3. That's so frustrating that the pool got rid of the last hour! I hope you can find something that is open in the mornings!

  4. story of my life! Phil and I only fight over working out lol.

    I hope you find a pool soon!

  5. I started screaming like a banshee when I saw a bug on my dress in the office yesterday. It turned out to be a butterfly - which proceeded me to flail my arms like a little girl in an effort to protect myself from the killer butterfly. That's also when I thought it was a good idea to go home regardless of the mountian of work to get done.