Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sparkle Skirts

I'm going to switch gears from Nations, even though it's only days away because....

Yesterday something very exciting came in the mail! What you ask??? My Sparkle Running Skirt!!!

I got this great idea from one of my very sweaty friends, Emily. I thought the skirt was so cute and would make my upcoming half marathon (San Jose Rock n' roll) with one of my besties that much more fun. And it's not like we haven't matched before....

Awesome matching Halloween outfits!

Matching dorky looks with a red neck hat on

We match our sunglasses at night :)

Rocking our matching tops during the National Half Marathon

As you can tell we actaully really love matching!! So when I told Jess about the sparkle skirts, she was as excited as I was!!! We also got another one of our friends who is running with us to join in on the fun as well. I think skirt will make running the half that much more fun!! Who doesn't like to sparkle and look like a rock star when they run?? Plus I'm sure this skirt will help me PR at this race, it has to right? Any ideas on what type of shirt we should wear with this?? I say we should match :)

Happy Thurs All :)

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  1. Fun! You definitely need an equally flashy or sparkly top to wear with it.