Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. I keep about 10 pairs of heels at my office so I never have to bring in shoes or worry about matching an outfit.

2. I also always keep a pair of my old running shoes and flip flops at work for the just in case you need them ... (i.e. earthqauke)

3. I wanted to feel like a bird when I was 12 so I climbed up a tree and pooped out of it! LOL, it was really nasty.

4. I love naps!

5. I am addicted to chapstick and could never make it through a day without it!

6. USAA is the best bank ever!

7. It took us 6 months and 8 offers to finally land the house we purchased

8. I only planned to living in DC for 3 years then I wanted to move back to Ohio, but here I still am.

9. I love flavored tooties rolls.

10. I want to do the swim leg at the Kinetic half .. anyone else want to do the others and form a relay?

11. Things I always keep at my desk: deodorant, a hair brush, towel, and shampoo.

12. I try to eat healthy, but never can.

13. I don't know how I used to run without a garmin. It's so nice not to map out routes before I run

14. Football is so boring to me and Jason loves it..ugggg

15. I never listen to music when I workout

16. I haven't belonged to a gym in a few years. I think them to be a waste of money. I can do everything outside or at home.

17. My guest room is used as my nap room

18. I always forget to send b-day cards to my family, sorry guys :(

19. If you hang out with my family be ready to hear us talk about poop .. it's one of our favorite topics!

20. I hate being to work at 7:30, but love the fact that I leave at 4

Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend :)


  1. I just laughed so hard at this that I cannot breathe right now:
    3. I wanted to feel like a bird when I was 12 so I climbed up a tree and pooped out of it! LOL, it was really nasty.

    OMG that is incredible. You need to send that thought and the fact that you talk about poop with the family all the time. Forget it I'll tweet it out b/c she will love it and I honestly cannot stop laughing right now.

  2. OK I am dying laughing with Jason. I love how you wedge the bird pooping thing between naps and flip flops. You just kind of sneak it in there. GREAT list and you are my hero.

  3. I love naps! And I love football!

  4. I'm with Beth and Jason on this--love your bird/tree incident. SO funny!

  5. I just spit out my food when I read the bird thing!!! Too funny!!!!