Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap - Labor Day

My weekend kicked off with a nice little 2000 yard swim on Friday. After that I went to bed somewhat early ready to ride 80 miles on Sat. After struggling with the alarm in the morning, the 6am wake up call turned into 7am and we didn't leave the house until 8. A late start that I wasn't too happy about. We had decided to drive out to the W&OD trail instead of just riding there to try to avoid some of the more annoying parts of the trail closer to DC.

I was feeling cranky and didn't want to do the ride, but once on the trail I felt good and was happy to be out there. But, just 4 miles into the ride I got stuck behind two super slow guys climbing a hill. I couldn't get around them and felt like I might tip over because we were going to so slow, so I started to clip out to just walk up the hill so I wouldn't crash. Jason on the other hand decided to pass the guys and just as he was passing I saw him and his bike go flying into the air. Im not sure at what point his feet finally clipped out of his bike, but his bike nearly missed hitting him on the head. It was pretty scarey too watch and at first I thought maybe his chain poped off from switching gears? But as I helped Jason up and we looked at his bike, his entire back wheel had came off his bike. WTF, his wheel came off!!! I am so glad he is ok, but I must say this is one of my biggest fears! I always wondered what happened if your wheel popped off your bike and now I guess I know... you crash! Because the skewer was bent, we could not get the wheel back on. Instead I rode like the wind the 4 miles back to the car, then drove to pick up Jason since the crash happened right by a road.

We drove straight to the bike store to see what happened and get Jason's baby all fixed up. After all this was said and done it was already 12 and it felt like the entire day was wasted. But I could still salvage a long run out the day, right?

Right... I took a nap then booted myself out the house at 1 to start my 12 mile run. I choose a terrible route down on the mall and had to play bowling for tourists as none of them pay attention and just stand there not moving. I only flicked off one car as it made a right hand turn onto 14th and nearly hit me as I was running across the cross walk (there was still 30 seconds left to cross). I ran the first 7 miles at my race pace of 8:20 then picked up Jas for the last 5 miles. He runs around a 10 minute pace, so I slowed down the last miles, but I was happy to have some company on my run :)

Sunday I had planned on going to an open water swim clinic, but it just never happened. Their website had one time on it and the DC Tri club had another. I checked the site at 11 before going to bed and there was no updates, so I figured it was still a go at 10. Wrong, when I checked the site at 8 in the morning they had changed it back to 7:30! Are you kidding me??!?! When did they update the site??? At 1 in the morning?? I was pretty pissed because I really wanted to test out my wetsuit and get some last minute open water swim practice in. errrrr!

The rest of the day I was too tired to do anything and laid around and napped. Probably should have attempted to ride, but I figured I would do it on Monday. In the evening I went to a friends BBQ and had a great time.

Monday... yeah Monday was a waste of a day and by the time I wanted to ride it was raining, so I continued to do nothing.

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend


  1. Wow, Jason's wheel falling off sounds pretty scary! I'm glad he's okay. And I would be really mad about the swim time changing!

  2. wow....that sucks about jason's bike! glad to hear he is ok.

  3. Holy crap! I am glad Jason is okay. Sorry about the OWS. That would make me super cranky as well.

  4. I'm glad Jason is OK! That must have been scary to watch. I'm impressed you got back out there to run...I would have used that as an excuse for a day off.