Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. I love the fresh pumpkin seeds that my mom makes. (but I hate pulling them out of the pumpkin)
2. Fresh apple cider is one of my favorites, however it's not that great from a grocery store.
3. When I was younger, my parents held an Easter egg hunt for me and all of my cousins. I have always been competitive and used to train for the hunt by laying out plastic eggs and timing myself from the front to back yard! Every second counts right?
4. Two of my gymnasts got new skills this week! A back hand spring on beam and a giant on bars. Coaching is going to be so exciting and fun now. I love new skills.
5. I somehow smell like a wet smelly towel today? Maybe picking up clothes off the floor to wear to work is not the smartest idea.
6. If I buy a tri bike I want to get it custom painted. If I'm going to shell out x amount of dollars then I at least want the colors I like. It seems to only be around $350 to get this done, which doesn't seem so bad to me.
7. When I'm day dreaming, I usually only think about three groups: housing/architecture, gymnastics, and tri-ing. How exciting am I?
8. I have the worst memory and will probably will not remember who I am when I'm older.
9. I held a baby lion when I was 12 and love, love, loved it! So cute.
10. I love lemonade. so good
11. I want a bagel right now and will probably go get one once this is posted.
12. I made a training plan for my half ironman yesterday.
13. I hate cleaning and Jason usually does everything around the house. I don't even like to cook. Guess I'm not good house wife material.
14. I used to practice 20-25 hours a week when I was a gymnast. I never felt like I was missing out on a normal high school life. My teammates were my best friends and I got to see them every day.
15. I'm not that smart and had to study my behind off to get good grades.
16. I started wearing glasses in 5th grade.
17. I love the way fresh cut grass smells.
18. I am so scared of bees! I will run, scream, jump ... anything to get away from them
19. I haven't got a hair cut in almost a year
20. I hate wearing socks while I'm at home.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I would have killed myself if I was a gymnast, or at the very least broken my neck. I have no coordination!

    I also love apple cider. :)

  2. What colors would you do your bike in? Would you have some kind of design?

    Very exciting about your gymnasts advancing under your guidance!