Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Things Thurs:

1. Yesterday I was at the pool early at 6:45am. Well that's early for me since I usually don't swim in the morning. And to my surprise the pool at Eastern Market is pretty crowded in the morning. I'm kind of spoiled with the whole lane sharing thing since I usually swim from 4-5 and get a lane to myself. Or I swim at Fairland from 8:30-9pm and get the whole pool to myself. So anyhow I hopped in a lane with two other people and the lane sharing worked out great since we were all the same speed. The workout was a struggle for me though. I think I was half asleep and the water was rude to me when I jumped in. I set off to do 4 x 500 with 5 x 100 to finish up. By the third set of 500s my stomach was growling and I was hungry. Swimming while hungry = fail! But I did push through and finish.
I walked home changed into my running clothes and sat on my couch for 10 minutes while I stuffed my face with a granola bar and some fruit snacks. I was pretty tired and unmotivated to run, but out the door I went. All I had was 35 minutes of easy running and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, even though my legs felt heavy. I was happy to see my front door when I was done though :)
2. After riding 25 miles around haines on tues after work I get home to discover I couldn't get into our back gate! I don't keep my front door key on my back door key ring so I couldn't use the front door to get in our house. I waited for 15 minutes while my sweat began to freeze until M got home at 6. I figured he would have the front door key since somehow our back gate got locked even though we both rode? Weird?!?! M did have the key, but he never unlocked the chain from the front door so we couldn't get in. So, in the end I had to scale our fence anyhow to break into my own back yard :(
3. My dad is the best! Yesterday he went and took my car and got me two new tires! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Happy Thurs all :)

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  1. Swimming while hungry is the worst! I swim from 11:30 - 12:30 and often have to each a granola bar or piece of fruit before starting or it is going to be hellish.