Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things Thurs

1. Yesterday evening was a little odd, as I sat on the couch playing on my lap top, M was changing and getting ready for his swim lessons. Usually it's the other way around. Now as much as I would love to go swimming at the same time as M (so we don't miss each other at home) the thought of leaving my house at 7:30pm to do so just doesn't appeal to me. He didn't even get home till a little after 9 and that is when my eyes start to drift to the dark land called sleep. So, I guess I will be keeping my Wednesday swim schedule the same which is from 4 - 5 and just have to deal with being home by myself for the evening.
2. I ordered a bunch of nutrition off amazon yesterday. I like that you can order it in bulk as apposed to paying the higher prices at some of the stores. I ordered the following: PowerBar chocolate energy bites, honey stinger vanilla waffles, honey stinger pink lemonade energy chews, and Luna bars. I still have a whole box of tropical punch shot blocks as well, but I really don't like the flavor and thought the honey stinger chews tasted a little better anyhow. Plus since they come in a pouch they may be easier to eat, especially if you are not eating them all at once. Now onto the liquid nutrition... I'm going to have to do some taste testing here and figure out what I like and what works for me.
3. I struggled through my tempo run yesterday. I set off to run 45 minutes before work, with 4 of those miles at a 7:30 tempo. My first mile was at 7:37 ... ok maybe I'm still warming up... second mile: 7:44 ... ugh ... third mile: 8:11 ... WTF why did I just see an 8 on my watch and OMG I feel like I'm dying ... fourth mile: 7:40 ... ok a little bit of an improvement .... and the rest of the run I ran at a 8:15 pace.  I guess I was just disappointed with myself because I didn't hit a single split at my goal pace. That's ok though, I know I will have plenty more chances for a better run and not every run goes as planned.
Happy Thursday All :) 


  1. Some runs are on, some are off. You'll have an on run next time!

    Good luck figuring out the nutrition. I'm a fan of EFS (Grape) and Powerbar Perform (Lemon-Lime).

  2. Not being able to nail your target pace sucks. Even though it's self-imposed.

  3. I totally hear you on going to bed early. I don't understand people who workout at like 7:30, even though I used to be one of them! Sorry your tempo wasn't as good as you hoped. Some days are just off for whatever reason. Doesn't indicate anything about your fitness!

  4. Those Honey Stingers chews are good, aren't they? I think they are easier to chew than Clif Shot Blocks.

    I second the Powerbar Perform drink recommendation. That's what they serve on the Ironman course - and probably the Mooseman course too, so it's worth a try. I need to buy a big one, so if you want to just try some of mine I can put it in a ziploc bag.

  5. One of the reasons I stopped doing masters (years ago) was that the practice was at 8:30pm. Way too late for me so I know exactly what you mean!