Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confidence run

Sunday I felt like death warmed over me, so I pushed back my final longish run before the B&A Half till Monday.
I was wondering how I was going to fit this run in since I coach after work and lets face it, I'm not a morning person. Although I know I will have to be a morning person sooner than later. I did set my alarm for 5:50 but turned that sucker off and got up an hour later :) Which left me with one choice, do an extra long lunch run.
And that's exactly what I did. Unlike Sunday my body actually felt awake and I was excited to run. Plus it was warm and sunny out which means I always wish I was running instead of sitting at my desk.
Running in the middle of afternoon can always be a little tricky food wise. I had a cup of dry cereal at 8:30, greek yogurt at 10, and an apple at 10:30. My stomach seemed happy with this during the run and didn't give me any issues.
I was out the door running by 11am and my legs felt so happy. I could tell I was excited to be running because my Garmin beeped 7:28 for the first mile. I knew I had to slow down and my second mile was a little slower at 7:52. I really didn't have a pace goal in mind at all for this run and really just wanted to be taking it easy, but I was feeling good and just went with the flow of things.
For the rest of the run I tried to ignore my Garmin, best I could. I passed the Lincoln and made my way down to Haines Point were I saw some cyclists out and I got jealous of them. I don't know when I started to get jealous of people riding? I have always gotten jealous when I see people running and I'm not, but now this silly thought has moved onto cycling as well. And with that I guess I can say I'm officially addicted to biking which is a good thing since I will be doing a lot of it. Anyhow, after leaving Haines at 15th St, I made my way back down to the Capitol, up the lovely hill and back around to my office.
It such a beautiful day out and I felt like I had a really strong run. My splits for miles 3 -7 were around 8:10 - 8:15 with my last mile at 8:05. I think pushing this run back one day was a smart move on my part because I would have struggled big time on Sunday and felt defeated when I was finished. But now, I can go into the B&A half with confidence and I can only hope I feel this good on race day.
Happy Tues All :) 


  1. it was gorgeous out yesterday, glad you got a run in the sun!

  2. I hope you have a great race this weekend!

  3. Sounds like you made the right decision! Good Luck!

  4. Have a great race this weekend! Nothing like a great confidence to boost the spirits for a race.