Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegas Trip Booked!

We (M and I) have been checking out plane tickets to Vegas for the past couple of weeks and yesterday they dropped in price! Which meant two flights were purchased to Vegas!! We will traveling there at the beginning of May to celebrate M's big 30th along with my friend Jill's big 30th! I'm not much a gambler, but maybe I'll break even :)
Regardless, it is sure to be a crazy fun weekend in which my liver will not be properly trained for.
Speaking of training I think it will be a nice little break from it. Although I am already freaking out about what I am missing. I will be traveling Friday morning and not getting back until Monday night at like 12am. 
Monday is normally my rest day so at least I'm not worried about missing anything that day. As it get's closer I will try to re-arrange my schedule and will probably move my Friday workouts to the beginning of the week. The run I can always do while I'm there. So I guess I will just be missing my long bike. I know the world will not end if I miss this and I have no clue why I am worrying about it now. By the time May rolls around I'm sure I will kind of want a break in the middle of my crazy training.
Happy Thurs All :)


  1. have funnn! it'll be nice to get away for a trip by then!

  2. You're going to have SO MUCH FUN!!! You're worrying about workouts bc thats what you're supposed to be doing. But you know what? Do what you can, and then let the chips fall as they may (pun intended).. ;)

  3. I'm sure this will be a ton of fun and a little break from training can only be a good thing!

  4. Vegas > a weekend of training. I bet a little rest will do you good anyways. And by rest I mean binge drinking.