Friday, February 24, 2012

My Bike gets a Name...

Like all the greats that have came before it and all that will come after it, my bike needs a name...

Yes, I am naming my bike :) I figure me and her are going to be spending lots of time together over the next several months and my new best friend just can't be called "bike".

This won't be the first time I am naming something that really doesn't need a name... I actually love naming stuff. My college roommates thought I was a weirdo because I had a name for my blanket: Shredded Wheats. When I would get a new blanket, I would name it too. Lets see there is also Princess, Mr. Fuzz, and Lambie. I also like naming my pillows: The Rock and Marshmallow. Yeah, ok ok, I'm weird or just a big dork.

Now, I have been staring at my bike leaning against our fireplace for weeks now. I couldn't come up with a good name for it. Then I thought of something that I love: Battle Star Galactic. Yes more nerdiness is seeping out... but it really is one of the greatest shows!! 

I choose to name my bike after the character Boomer. Not because she was my favorite character in the show but because her name seemed to fit my bike the best. And I love nick names and I can easily say Boomer the Zoomer. Plus well Boomer actually ended up being a cylon in the show and everyone hates those evil cylons. So when I'm having a bad day on the bike I can yell "you stupid frakkin toaster."

So anyhow there you have it... My bikes name is Boomer :)

Who else has a name for their bike?

Happy Friday All :)


  1. Love this! My BF just got me into Battlestar Galactica... I'm going to pretendI didn't read that part about boomer :)

  2. haha, that is a great name AND great story. I think boomer will serve you well :)

  3. NERD ALERT!!!! haha

    Boomer the Zoomer is perfect!

  4. That is the perfect name! :) My bike is unnamed but my new MacBook pro does have a name. I'll have to come up with one for the bike when I start riding more!

  5. Hmmm my bike does not have a name! maybe one will come to me while riding some day. Boomer is great!