Monday, February 27, 2012

Training Week 6

Last week marked week 6 of half ironman training. The week started off great then I fizzled out as the weekend came along.
* Swim: 2150 yards ~ This was a nice easy swim and I had the day off from work which  meant I could swim in the middle of the afternoon. OMG this was so nice and I always wish I had Monday's off.
* Bike: 26.5 miles (1:45 on the trainer) ~ Not a bad day doing interval work on the trainer, but my poor little kiwi! She got bike grease on the white part of her fur and was the first casualty of IM training. I'm sure there will be many more #IMtrainingcasualties
* Run(am): 5.65 miles ~ I'm pretty sure I already bitched about this tempo run once, but it didn't go as planned at all. I wanted to hit 7:30 splits and didn't hit any of my splits at that pace. I felt tired and the run was hard for me.
* Swim(pm): 2500 yards ~ Just an average swim day as I swam against the clock before the pool closes at 5 for swim classes. I really wish they kept one lane open during these classes so I wouldn't be restricted by the clock. Still not sure how I'm going to work this out when I need to swim longer than 45 minutes.
* Bike: 4 mile commute + 21.4 miles at Haines ~ The weather was perfect on this day with a high of 70 I think? So I planned ahead and came into work an hour early so I could take an extra long lunch break and go enjoy the weather and ride my bike outside instead of on the trainer at 9:30 at night. I met Karen down at HP and we had a great ride. I really didn't want to come back to work at all and could have stayed outside all day.
* Run(am): 4.35 miles ~ Fridays = hill work for me. I ran up and down Capitol hill 7 times and managed to drop my phone while doing so. Lucky for me somehow my screen did not crack and the back part of my case only got all scratched up. I really need to invent something to hold my phone in while running. But back to the run, I am still running at about a 9 minute pace up the hill and I would like to get this down to a 8 something.
*Swim(pm): 2600 yards ~ I did not want to do this swim at all. I sat at my desk thinking of ways I could get out of it. But in the end I did the right thing and went to the pool. And boy oh boy am I glad I did. I had an awesome swim day!! First plus was I got a lane all to myself :) And I guess just overall I felt great in the water this day and before I knew it, it was 5 and the life guard was kicking me out.
I had a 2:15 hour ride scheduled for this day, but I couldn't do it due to coaching. I had to be at a gymnastics meets all day at the Eastern Shore in MD. It was a long day. I left at 5:30 in the morning and didn't get home till around midnight. My girls did great though and we came home with some first, second, and third places.
Run: 8 miles, Swim: 30 minutes ~ But I didn't do either! I know, I know, what's wrong with me? Two rest days in a row, well if you want to call Saturday a rest day? And yeah I don't know what was wrong with me? I can tell you this though, I was so tired and my body was aching for some reason. I woke up at 7, stayed up for an hour and went back to sleep until 10:45. After watching a cheesy movie I was back in bed taking a nap. I think coaching whipped me out? I thought about running and really wanted to, but I didn't move off the couch. When I finally did move I went out to dinner instead of running. Big fail in motivation for the day and big fail for being so tired.
Overall, I think I had a great week besides the weekend. Today is usually my rest day on the schedule, but since I didn't do anything yesterday, I will be doing Sunday's workouts today. Hope my co-workers like me extra sweaty after my longish lunch run. 

Happy Monday All :) 


  1. I often find myself wiped after coaching an all-day meet, and I think it is dehydration from being in a hot area and talking (sometimes loudly) all day. I try to attach myself to a water bottle and keep refilling it, which seems to reduce fatigue.

  2. Coaching all day like that will definitely take it out of you! I'm not at all surprised you were exhausted the next day. Hopefully you don't have too many more meets like that as tri season ramps up!

  3. It's totally fine to take a couple of rest days, you have to just do whatever you need. By the way, I'm hoping to get outside and ride on Thurs again if you are up for it!