Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Fun

Ok. take two on this post, since I had the whole thing written and then re-started my computer without saving it.... yeah I hit the stupid stick today!

Anyhow, I had a great weekend filled with working out with friends!

I had decided to switch my long run to Saturday since Sunday's weather was calling for cold rain and or snow. In general I try avoiding crossing the river into VA at all costs, but when Erin invited me to come run with her and some of her friends I couldn't say no. Running with friends out weighed the whole whopping 9 mile drive. We started at Erins house and made our way down through Old Town, then onto the Mt. Vernon trail before turning back. It was a fun 10 mile run filled with lots of talking and laughs. Time just flies by when you are running with other and before I knew it we were back at her house after a somewhat hilly run.

On a side note: I can not talk and run at the same time while crossing the street. I almost got hit by a car and it was all my fault :(  

After getting back home and getting some lunch in my belly, I grabbed M for a 2 hour bike ride. Our plan was to ride out on MacArthur blvd but it was already 2:30 (sun time was running out!) and there is no good way to get down there. Drive? Nope would be to much traffic. Bike? Would be too much traffic and I would be super frustrated! We needed to plan better and leave earlier, so that only left one place to ride.. Hained Point ... whomp whomp... It's boring, flat, and windy! At times I felt like I wasn't moving forward it was so windy. The extra wind made up for no hills...

With this being my first day of two longer workouts in a very long time, I went to bed pretty early #ilovesleep

Sunday, I found myself driving across the river again as I made my way back into VA. (I know, twice in one weekend. who am I). I was meeting up with the off season tri girls at the PR Running store in Arlington. This is the first time I could actually attend one of the off season tri events and I was excited! We met at 8am and set off on a fun run.

There was probably about 20 girls there and as we began to run we split up into different pace groups. I ended up running with Erin, Erin, and Rachael before we made our way back to the track.

Once at the track we played a little game that involved running a 4 x 200 using a nuun tube as a relay baton. I can't remember the last time I actually sprinted because well I never seem to do track workouts. I guess that in itself is a whole other story in itself. My team, team cola favored nuun, actually won :)

After about 5 miles of running the group made it's way back to =PRR= where we did a core strength session. Near the end of the core session we did a plank-off.

I obviously did not win, but the winner held hers for a little over 5 minutes. That's awesome!

Then onto the good part: food and prizes! There was everything there from whole made nutrition to honey stinger waffles ...

And so many prizes: Road IDs, free entry into Nations or the DCTri, sparkle skirts, and much more! I wasn't holding my breath that I was going to win anything because I never do, but I ended up winning a blue sparkle head band :) I love this head band from Bic Bands and ran with it on the following day.

Overall it was such a fun event and a big thanks goes out to Karen for organizing all this!!! You rock!!!

Monday was filled with a recovery swim of 2150 yards and before I knew it I was waking up today heading back to work. Where did my three day weekend go? I want another day!

Happy Tues All :) 


  1. That PRR run sounds like so much fun! Congrats on your team winning the track game!
    I agree that the long weekend was way too short. I need another one too!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I would totally lose in a plank off. :)