Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Run Commuting

Today I had a dentist appointment at 9:30. My dentist is in Dupont and is about 4 miles from my house. I wanted to run 5 for the day, so I figured it would be easy to tack on an extra mile to the route. The sad part about this day is that I still had to work after the appointment and it was raining and probably still is raining (I have no window) cats and dogs out there!

So this is how I  usually make my commute run work.

1. Bring in my dress clothes the day before: I usually bring in my outfit the day before (along with my swim stuff) and drop it off at my desk. This way I am not hassled with running with a bag on the next morning.

2. Keep necessities at your desk: One of my filling cabinets is basically like I transplanted my bathroom from home. I have everything you could think of: brush, makeup, deodorant, extra towel, etc ...

3. Keep an extra outfit at work: I always have an extra outfit (and now undies and a bra) at work just incase I forget something because yeah I don't always remember everything.

I thought I was being smart by bringing my clothes in the day before, but when I looked out the window this morning I saw that it was raining and raining hard. Which defeated bringing my clothes in since I was going to still have to run to the dentist with a small bag on my back. I really didn't want to sit through my appointment wet and freezing.

I packed another running outfit in a 2 gallon zip lock bag and stuffed it in my bag and out into the rain I went. The run itself was great even though my garmin didn't like it and was beeping all over the place. Once at the dentist office I was that crazy looking girl who was dripping wet from head to toe and used to bathroom to change in. I wasn't too happy with the bag while I was running, but boy was I happy to have warm dry clothes to change into!

Once my appointment was finished, I went to the 711 next door, bought myself an umbrella and made my way to the metro like a normal commuter. My dry outfit of course got wet even though I had an umbrella, but have no fear I had another full outfit change waiting for me :)

5 happy miles in the rain done and warm dry clothes ftw!

Happy Wed all :) 


  1. I'm always impressed by your ability to run/bike commute.

  2. That's awesome commitment! And good planning. I love the feeling of putting on warm, dry clothes after a bad weather workout.