Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 Things Thurs

1.Packing for a two week vacation is really hard to do! Yesterday, I spent the better have of my evening trying to get everything packed as we leave tomorrow! It is only in the low 60s in Copenhagen (and the rest of northern Europe) which is going to be a big temp shock! I am super excited and ready to have some fun. I am a little worried that by not doing anything for two weeks all my hard work and training will go down the toilet. So, I did pack my running shoes and some running outfits, but that's it. Running while it's cool out will feel like heaven. However, I will not have access to a bike or a lap pool. I am going to try my best to try to get on the spin bike a few times while on the cruise. And as swimming goes, does sitting in a hot tub on a cool night count as swimming? Another thing I won't have access too is my Kiwi! She tried to pack herself in my suit case last night, then sat in protest on top of it because we are not taking her.

Take me please!

2. I tried to get in much training as I could this week since I will be missing so much while I'm gone. Here is what I did so far this week and what I plan on doing to finish it off:

Monday: ran 4 miles and swam 1 mile
Tues: biked 22 miles
Wen: biked 22 miles and I was going to run 3 but it turned into a failed attempt. I was too tired after I finished packing
Thurs: ran 4 miles and I'm going to swim after coaching tonight
Friday: early morning ride (anyone want to join me? trying to get 30 in) with a short 3 mile run afterwards.

3. Since I had so much fun at the DC Tri I registered for one more before the Nations Tri. I registered for the North East Tri oly distance. I figured this race would be a good practice race for me before I'm thrown to the wolves with over... I don't even know how many people at nations? I am still mainly really nervous about the swim. I somewhat struggled with the 800 meters during the sprint and had to do breast stroke. Anyhow, I'll take as many open water swim practices as I can it. And this is basically how I am going to think of this race ... practice. Anyone want to join in on the fun?

4. Speaking of fun, I would like to try to host a blogger meet up / normal people cookout at my house. I have a great little backyard but never have a chance to really host anything because I always seem to be busy. Anyhow, I don't have anyone's emails. Please send me your emails so I can add you to my evite :)

How do you pack for a long trip? Do you try to workout while you're on vacation or do you just relax and have fun? Also don't forgot to send me your emails :)


  1. That is cool that you are doing another race. Enjoy your vacation. (and if you want to try to find a pool, check out

  2. Nation's is a such fun race - you'll have a blast! I'll be there too along with 6,000 other athletes. :-) As for the open water swims, practice makes you more comfortable. There are Thursday night swims at National Harbor, and you can always go out to Sandy Point. I'm likely going to do some swimming out there this summer. If you ever want to join, let me know. Have fun on your trip!

  3. Our dogs hate it when we bring out the suitcases. They sulk around the bedroom and sometimes growl at them. It's really sad :( I'm pretty jealous of your vacation though! And don't worry too much about what you'll lose - really, if you do what you outline above you'll totally maintain and come back raring to go. Enjoy it as vacation since we don't get those very often!

  4. I think you have mine from the last mass email party, but let me know. :) And have a GREAT TIME on vacation!!!!!

  5. Your cat is so cute! Have a great trip and don't worry too much about working out. In 10 years you will look back and remember the sights, the food, etc and working out will the least important part!

  6. Love that the race motivated you to sign up for more! I have this problem every. single. time.
    I think you have my email as well from the last round of planning, but if not let me know.

    Have a fantastic time on vacation!

  7. I seriously am in love with your cat. Maybe you don't want to invite me over for a cookout because I might steal her;). I LOVE those pictures. My cat Oliver used to always put himself in my suitcases, too.

    Congrats on signing up for another race. I have never heard of that one but was looking for a sprint tri to do with my brother (it woudl be his first), we might sign up for that one too!!!

    Happy anniversary! Have an awesome trip!! I'm so excited for you!

    Oh, and if you do decide to risk me stealing your cat, I am totally up for a blogger BBQ:) My email is untilyoutri(at)

  8. My cat does that too! And then hides so I can't put her in the cat carrier to take her wherever she is staying while I am gone.

    I hope you have a great trip! I'm sure you can fit in a few workouts, but I wouldn't worry about it if you don't.

  9. yay for another race!!!

    and I will not give you packing sympathy because I am so jealous you are going!!! stuff me in your suitcase, please??