Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Random Thoughts

It's Friday already!! What What!
1. My sister is coming to visit for the weekend! I am super excited as we are best friends :) We don't have anything really planned, but I know we will have a blast together.

With my sista and dad :)
2. I planned to meet Allison down at Haines Point this morning at 6am. Umm...needless to say when my alarm didn't go off and I somehow by the grace of god woke up on my own and saw the clock say 5:45 I went into panic mode. I had set everything out the night before so I was good to go and jumped on my bike and was out the door at 5:50. I rode my heart out to try to make it to HP as fast as I could. Not to late, I was there by 6:05. It was a great ride and I love having someone to chat with while I ride. The downside, since I woke up late I didn't have time to shower. I also left Haines to late to shower at work. So yes I'm sitting at my desk all smelly with two days worth of riding sweat on me :) Oh joy :)
3. My gymnastics awards banquet is on Sunday. I have a love hate relationship with the awards. I love seeing the girls faces when I hand out their end of year awards to them, but I kindof hate going to it.
4. I haven't swam since last Monday! Why you ask? I didn't have to coach this week (which is my access to the pool). Yes this is a nice excuse because I know I could have went up to Wilson, but I was so lazy this week. I hope that I have time for a swim after I drop my sister off at the airport on Sunday and before my awards start.
5. I still have a leak in the shower that drips down the wall into the kitchen ceiling. I can't even begin to tell you how much this sucks since we only have one bathroom in our house!
6. I'm over my no motivation phase and am feeling much better about myself. Although I'm still eating bad. I had a hot pocket and a pretzel bread roll for dinner last night. Oh and I bought mint chocolate chip ice cream at the g-store yesterday. I haven't had any yet, but I certainly plan too!
I hope everyone is going to have a great weekend!

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  1. Calling mint chocolate chip ice cream bad is completely blasphemous. Yummmmmmy.

    Enjoy the weekend with your sister!