Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Plans - Tri preparation

It's Friday and I have big plans for the weekend. Ok, not really, but I'm still pretty excited for it. I am doing the following all in attempt to make myself less nervous for my first tri next weekend:
1. Going to an open water swim clinic at Sandy Point tomorrow morning. I am in the 7:30am group and I'm pretty excited to go to this. I think it's going to be a great chance to pick up some tips on open water swimming and plus I will have a chance to practice an open water swim without the pressure of being in a race. I think this is a going to be a great confidence booster and hopefully I will not be as nervous about this for the race next weekend. Oh and I'm giving a DC Tri member a ride down so I will get a chance to make a new friend and ask her lots of questions :)
2. After the clinic I plan on going to Haines to do a mini practice tri and practice my transitions since I have no clue what I'm doing on these yet. It will give me a chance test out my gear and I also think this will make me feel better about my tri next week. And yes I suckered Jason into being coach Jason and he is going to write down my times and watch my gear for me.
3. Ok this one is just for fun. Earlier in the week I herd about a naked bike ride that was going on in DC. I of course will not be participating in it, but I think it's just too funny not to watch! I don't know how these people are going to ride naked (ouch!) but it will make for good people watching.
4. On Sunday morning I will be racing in a Splash n' Dash with two of my friends. It's swim 300 meters and run a 5k. I really signed up for this to get used to swimming with other people around me in a race setting and to practice a transition (even though it's swim to run). Once again, I think this will make me less nervous for next weekend.
5. I also plan on doing a longer bike ride on Sunday. I have no clue how far yet? Riding buddies are welcome :)
What do you do to prepare yourself for something your nervous for? And for those of you that are racing this weekend GOOD LUCK!!!!


  1. I make lists. And color code. And behave like a crazy person who has to organize everything.

    Good luck in the Splash and Dash! It'll be so fun -- and then I'll see you at the DC Tri :)

  2. After the open water swim, practice tri and splash n' dash you are going to be totally ready for next week's race! Good luck with all of those. :)

  3. Oh man, so much fun stuff! That's so great that you're doing a practice open water swim and transitions at Hains. Hope the Splash and Dash went well!