Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jason Gets Stars

Gold Star # 1
So Jason gets lots of gold stars from me this week! Yesterday my day started off on the wrong side of the bed. Or maybe I was on the right side of the bed because Kiwi threw up in the middle of the night on Jason's side and he had to clean it up. Gold star #1.

But how can you get mad at her? She's so cute :)
Gold Star #2
I could not wake up at 5am again for my track work out! Ugg..why can I never make myself get up for this? And every wed that I skip it I always feel bad about myself! Can I borrow someone's motivation to get myself out the door and on the track? I actually slept as late as possible and ended up bike commuting. About a half of mile from my office ...pop...I get a flat! This is my first flat ever and I had/have no clue how to change it! I walked my bike the rest of the way to work and called Jason. Jason gets his gold start #2 as my night in shining armor who came to my rescue and changed my tire for me. I was paying close attention on how to do this so that I may have a chance to do it on my own if it happens during a race! Oh bike maintenance why don't I know anything about you? I think I may deflate my tire and practice at home over the weekend.
What a great Husband!
Gold Star #3
Jason's gold star #3 came in this morning when he woke up at 5:20am with me to ride at Haines Point. This was so nice of him not to make me ride by myself. Plus I like riding with him since he is faster than me (I think it makes me ride faster). We held an average of 18mph while at Haines. I am super excited about this average as I think I am finally getting faster! Now of course, put some hills in there and I will slow back down to a crawl again!
I gave myself exactly zero minutes to do anything besides roll into work and change. Yes I was sweaty, yes it was hot out, but yes I got a morning ride in so who cares if I smell or look bad at work. I currently have my biking outfit drying out on my cube wall :) And my leg still looks like this :)

Classy I know

My bike hates me for some reason?

 And what do all these stars earn Jason .... more of my boot camp as he puts it!
Happy Thurs All. And seriously someone make me go to the track next week!


  1. I will lend you some motivation if you can sleep for me. Fair trade?

  2. I've been saying for awhile that the significant others of endurance athletes (whether they are endurance athletes themselves or not) should form a club. Then they can all band together to do amazing things for us. You know, because it's all about us.

    Also, my legs and office look just like yours with dirt all over and wet clothes everywhere + my bike. And I'll go with you to a bike class. The one Allison did this week sounds awesome.

  3. You can have all of my motivation I am building up since I can't run because of my foot:(. If I COULD run I would say I'd meet you at the track. Having to meet someone is the only way for me to get my morning workouts in. Your cat is adorable and your husband is great for helping you out so much. I definitely recommend practicing changing your tire on the weekend. My first tri was with Team in Training and they made us practice it like five different times but now I am a pro and can do it quickly when I get a real flat:).

  4. I love that your bike jersey has a black cat on it!

    I need to start going back to the track too, though I don't know how convenient it would be for us to meet up. Maybe we could both get up and go to different tracks? :)