Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. It's Friday, which means Sunday is almost here, which means it's almost time for my first tri. My bib # is 2736. Feel free to keep and eye for me and cheer me on or just stalk me and see my good/bad results.
2. I need to learn how to pee while I'm swimming. This seems hard to do. Awhile back I had a pee survey to see what others do.
3. While on a first date with a guy in Adams Morgan he gets stabbed while walking next to me! We came out of Tom Toms and started walking and someone pushed into me and he nicely said to them watch were you are going and that's when it happened. And it actually happened so fast that when he was stumbling I just thought he was a light weight (we only had two drinks) until I saw the blood. I panicked and got a taxi to Walter Reed and stayed in the hospital all night with my date that I didn't even know. He ended up being ok, but I was scared to enjoy DC night life for awhile.
4. While on the topic of violence I have only had my car window smashed into once while living in DC. They didn't even take anything out of my car so it was more annoying than anything.
5. I went to visit an ex-boyfriend living in Texas and he dumped me on Sunday morning and I was there till Monday afternoon. Worst weekend of my life!
6. My apt at 18th and S NW had roaches, bed bugs, and mice! Two years I lived with these friendly roommates.  But hey it was a great location!
7. I love being goofy! And don't really care about what others think.
8. In second grade I brought in flowers for my teacher and put them on her desk. Then I saw big black aunts crawling off of them and got super embarrassed. She wasn't sitting at her desk at the time and I never admitted that I was the one who brought them in.
9. I grew up with a river going through our property and would go on river walks when the water would freeze in the winter. It was the best.   
10. Last time I was really drunk I made a trade with a girl in the bathroom. Her lip gloss and eye liner for my tampons. Yum, yeah weird!  
11. I love History and wanted to major in it but didn't think I would make enough money
12. I love watching the Olympics. They usually always make me cry.
13. At my second marathon it was my time of the month. I didn't know what to do and didn't want to carry an extra tampon with me or stop at the potties, so I just wore two (at the same time).
14. My brother, sister, and myself played Monopoly every day one summer. My brother always won!
15. If I like something I don't hold back and through my whole heart at it.
16. I don't do anything with the medals I get from races. They usually just get thrown in my closet.
17. I cry so easy when I am watching tv. I even cry during some commercials. But when Jason proposed to be I didn't cry! I was just too happy!

18. I used to go on dates with guys of Craigslist. Gald I didn't get killed.
19. I threw up about 200 meters from the finish line at the Baltimore Half Marathon. In my pictures I have throw up all over my shirt because I didn't stop running.
20. I don't drink any water if I'm only running a Half marathon. It makes my stomach too upset (see # 19).
21. I want to go sky diving!
I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are racing good luck!


  1. haha oh man this made me laugh.

    good luck this weekend! you are going to kick ass!

  2. The key to peeing while swimming is to temporarily lose your form by relaxing your abs and inner thigh muscles.

  3. haha, I feel like I know so much about you now. Good luck this weekend! I'll be cheering for you!

  4. holy hell, #3 sounds like a terrifying experience!

    my sisters and i used to have monopoly MARATHONS that went on for days.

    bib #2736 sounds like a lucky one to me :) see you on sunday!

  5. You have some crazy dating stories! #3 sounds pretty scary. I also love watching the Olympics (without the crying) and would have studied history if it had seemed a bit more practical.

    Good luck on Sunday!

  6. Wait, I think I remember that stabbing in Adams Morgan!

    Also, I'm big on the puke and rally while running. I have a whole bunch of bad finish line stories that include it. I've worked hard to get over it - hopefully I stay there!

    Good luck this weekend. You're going to be awesome!