Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thurs

1. I am super, super, super nervous for this weekend! The swim is scaring me so much!!! I had a nightmare last night that I got to the race early and decided to go to an open house to kill time before my wave started (I love real estate and houses, but still not sure how this made it into my dream?) Well needless to say I got back to the race late and missed my wave and there was only two waves left which they let me go in the last one. But, I didn't have my transition area set up so I was screwed there and I started crying. And once I finally got in the water my right arm wasn't working so I couldn't really swim. At this point I woke up and was like thank god this was not real life! I now know that I'm not going to get any sleep on Sat night because I am so nervous for this. I'm not worried that I can't finish the bike and the run because to be honest 12.5 mile bike and a 4.2 mile run is super short and will be over in a blink of an eye. But, umm, the swim, have I mentioned that I almost died last weekend in the bay?!?! Please Potomac be nicer to me than the bay so I don't die!
2. Since I have started training for my first triathlon I can't seem to talk about anything else. I may now be the most boring person to people who don't like to swim, bike, or run. But it's really hard to talk about other stuff sometimes because the training has become such a big aspect of my life, that when I do talk about it, I am sharing my life with others. I can only image how much crazier it gets if you are training for a full IM. Speaking of an IM, I want to sign up for a 70.3.
3. Did I already mention that I'm really nervous for this weekend? Oh yeah I did! I will be going to get my packet pick - up tomorrow around 4:30ish. I love expos and can't wait to see what cool gear / sales they have. I guess I'm pretty excited for the tri as well!!!! Not only will the race be fun, but I love how friendly all the other athletes are at races! I love chit chatting and meeting new people while I am there.
Has anyone else had some crazy dreams before a race? Happy Thurs All :)


  1. I think it is really cool that you are into it. If you aren't, why bother to do it?

    I have definitely had dreams about going and doing something dumb (like going to Target) and missing my event at a swim meet. But it's never happened. I think it's a sign that you care about the race, which is not bad at all!

  2. You're going to do great on Sunday! DC Tri is a great race. Don't worry about the swim. You'll be in and out of that water so fast, you won't have time to really think about it. I'm doing the Olympic (#1639) - maybe I'll see you out there!

  3. Re #2: This totally happened to me. All I want to think about/talk about all day every day is triathlon, so I have to ground myself with my non-tri friends (not that I don't love you ladies to death!).

    You are going to rock this weekend. Like Emily said, the swim will be over so fast you'll hardly even notice you were in the water. I think we'll be in the same swim wave, so we can distract ourselves in the corral waiting to start :)

  4. I've had nightmares before races...but you are going to do awesome! At least the swimming is the shortest part!

  5. You are going to do great in the swim (and the race)! You got all of the issues over with last weekend. ;)

    I've also had plenty of crazy pre-race dreams like that!

  6. Aw! I'm sorry about your bad dream. I always have crazy nightmares before big events (race/triathlon related or life events). I ahd the worst nightmares before the wedding (about like waking up and finding out it was my wedding day and I hadn't done any planning yet, haha). It was weird because I actually wasn't really stressed about it, the planning all went really well for me. I guess it's just what was on my brain at the time!

    I swam in the bay once for practicing transitions with TNT and it was HORRIBLE. We just did a little to get the feel for it, and so we were close to shore and there was a bad current and it really freaked me out. You'll be better in the Potomac, don't worry! Good luck, you're going to do great!!