Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

Ok. well I have done nothing in the past couple of days that counts as wellness anything!
Over the weekend I went to beach and ate cheese steaks two days in a row for lunch. OMG they were so good. Then I went out to eat for dinner for the past couple of nights. And oh the amount of drinking on Sunday ...
I feel like absolute crap now. I need to eat something healthy and my body is really needs to do some physical activity! I haven't swam, biked, or ran in three days! But for some reason I have no motivation and I don't feel like doing anything. Is there something wrong with me? Help! This is going on day 4 of doing nothing and I slept in this morning instead of running. I was planning on swimming after work today, but the leak in our ceiling is back and I have to be home with those guys until who knows when? What a waste of a week. This sucks!
What do you guys do when you are in a no motivation slump?
Hope everyone is having a good day!


  1. Just suck it up and get moving. Seriously. Even if its only getting in a mile and a half run at 10 PM tonight, you'll feel SO much better and more motivated to get back on the wagon tomorrow. Sometimes small breaks are motivating, and sometimes they just get you in a cycle of inactivity that is difficult to break. Good luck!

  2. Sometimes when I am lacking motivation it helps to mix up my schedule and try something different. Or I just force myself to start a workout and tell myself I can stop whenever I want. :) Unfortunately, at least for me, there's really no one thing that ends the slump, other than time!