Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

So usually my cooking goes a little something like this:
 But last night I was super hungry when I got home from work and I decided it would be best to make dinner before heading out for a bike ride. I came up with the following: roasted baby potatoes, yellow/green squash with broccoli, and grilled chicken.
I threw all these spices into a large bowl and mixed everything together with the potatoes. I didn't measure anything out as I never do. Then put them in the oven on 400 for 35 minutes.
Next was cutting up the veggies and tossing them in a pan to cook/steam.
Finally, the grill master that I am I went out to grill the chicken. I had marinated it with McCormick's grill mates - mesquite spices.

yes i'm grilling in spandex

Kiwi was helping me grill :)
The final product was a yummy dinner followed with some ice cream for dessert.
I never made it out for my ride because I was too full and it was already 7 something. booo.
Anyhow, I hope everyone had a yummy dinner yesterday. If you have any quick easy recipes I would love to try them out.


  1. Yum, that dinner looks good. Your cat is so cute! I am curious, why did you choose the name Kiwi? I love it:). One of my favorite recipes is crockpot chicken because you just throw chicken, corn, and salsa in the crock pot and let it cook, and it's delicious and healthy!

  2. Man, I just tried to comment but it didn't work...not sure if its' because I tried to include a link. Anyway, I ws just saying your dinner looks great, and that your cat is so cute. Why did you choose the name Kiwi? I love it:). Also, I was saying that I have a crock pot chicken recipe that I love because it's easy and tastes great. I won't include the link this time but it's on my blog under Recipes-->Crock Pot Fiesta Chicken.

  3. Well then. Apparently it did work. And now I just look dumb. Oh well. And now I have three comments on your blog. Go me. Lol:) Sorry!

  4. I don't cook, either. Its just too much work and not enough reward to feed one person. Love the grilling though!

  5. That chart describes my cooking pretty well. I feel like Beth does, it's a lot of work to cook for one person. I do like easy veggie burritos - I just cook up black beans, corn, tomatos, green chiles (one can of each) and an onion and throw the mix in a tortilla with some cheese.

  6. Our dogs love "helping" us grill, too. Though we all know they just want the droppings ;)

    I love grilling in the summer!

    You should check out my recipes for grilled corn and grilled veggies and grilled tofu and grilled mushroom burgers (jees, I didn't realize I had so many grilling recipes, haha!). So good! And they're all a snap to make, too! They're under the "Recipes" tab on my page.