Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hill Climbing - I might be F'ed

So here is my elevation chart from my ride yesterday. I thought it had a decent amount of rolling hills and my legs were def. burning going up some of them as I riding a whopping 8-9mph per my garmin.  

 Then I take a look at Mooseman's 70.3 elevation profile.

Yes I am in total panic mode and I can feel my stomach just turning. Yes I have looked at the course before, but I kindof just forgot how hard it is! There is no way in hell I am going to make it up those hills! I suck at climbing. I need to find hard hills to ride asap. 

The course I did yesterday, those hills didn't even qualify for a hill rating which means they aren't even hard hills. Oh great! WTF did I get myself into? 

I hear the Columbia Triathlon's bike course is challenging so I am going to head there this weekend and ride the 25 mile course twice. If that doesn't do the trick than I need to ride farther into VA and find some real hills. I do not want to walk at mooseman and look like a wimp. 8 weeks to learn how to climb...


  1. Maybe you should check out Skyline Dr? I've been meaning to get out there at some point, it's just a bit of a drive from DC.

  2. I learned how to climb in 8 weeks or less last summer. Don't worry! Just ride hills EVERY time you ride, and definitely head out to Skyline. Get into your easiest gear and go as slow as you need to get to the top of the hills.

  3. I'm sure if you find some hills every weekend, you'll ready for the race.

  4. What Beth said!

    And get a compact crank + 25 or 28 cassette!

  5. I live in Woodbridge, Virginia, near Prince William Forest Park where I know you rode once before. I run in that park and it's pretty hilly in there! I also feel like it's really hilly everyone around this town, but I think that's just because I am not used to hills either!

  6. In addition to the Columbia Tri route there are actually a lot of other hilly routes in the Columbia/Ellicott City area. If you search ridewithgps for rides starting in Columbia MD with the keyword Marriottsville you'll find some 40-60 mile routes with some steeper hills. Skyline, too, definitely Skyline!