Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Fridays

1. I'm wearing my compression calf sleeves under my work pants today.

2. I didn't bike yesterday and opted to do strength session instead. And guess what? I feel awake today! I guess my body was trying to tell me something

3. Hoping my new saddle I ordered comes soon. I didn't like the ISM saddle and my crotch isn't too happy with the saddle that came with boomer.

4. I added up my calories yesterday and I was at 850 at the end of the work day and I was hungry. I don't know if this is a lot or a little. I of course still have a snack and dinner when I got home.

5. Toe covers should be coming today so my feet don't go numb on tomorrow's long ride.

6. I have been thinking about registering for the General Small Wood oly distance tri, but not sure if it really fits into my schedule.

7. I am having a lot of fun with training so far this season.

8. We both forgot to feed Kiwi this morning. Do you think our 18 pound cat will survive until I get home today?

9. Jason rubs my head every night until I basically fall asleep. I am so spoiled and lucky.

10. I can't believe my first tri of the season is next weekend. I keep on forgetting about it.

11. I will be testing out my wetsuit in the pool on Sunday and looking a little silly doing so.

12. I think I have forgotten how to fold and hang up my clothes. I don't know how I ever lived by myself

13. I have been wanting to paint my hallway for over a year. Why am I so lazy?

14. I love going to open houses but they make me jealous

15. Bugs, bees, and spiders scare me! I don't like camping because of this.

Happy Friday All :) 


  1. 850 calories!? You definitely need more than that, especially when doing the type of training you are doing.

  2. I had a 22 pound cat! Believe me, yours will be ok without food for one day!

    And yes, you def need more than 850. During IM training I often leave work with 2,000 calories in me already!

  3. Open houses are the best! And 850 calories by then of the workday is nothing. With all the working out you do, you should be closer to 1200.

  4. whoa, I usually eat anywhere between 1800-2500 calories before leaving work for the day. Eat up, its fueling your training!

  5. I am wearing compression socks at work today! :)

  6. OMG 1st tri of the season how exciting!! I'm usually somewhere around the same calories as you once I leave work and dinner will depend on how much I worked out.

  7. -Compression sleeves are part of my every day wardrobe some weeks.

    -I often will have 850 calories in by lunch! Eat up! You need the fuel :)

  8. -Compression sleeves are part of my every day wardrobe some weeks.

    -I often will have 850 calories in by lunch! Eat up! You need the fuel :)

  9. i love wearing my compression sleeves under my work clothes :)

  10. Ha!! I'm with you on #12-without my husband around, I would be eating cereal three meals/day and living in a hovel. Good luck at the race this weekend!!