Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poolesville Ride

With the race on Saturday, I wanted to give myself a chance to sleep in on Sunday for once and didn't set any alarms. It was nice getting up around 8:30 and being able to relax for awhile before thinking about riding hills. I would later hate this decision, but it seemed liked a good one at the time.
Jason and I left for Potomac, MD and had our wheels on the ground by around 1ish in the afternoon. We were doing a modified version on the popular Poolesville ride. 

Neither one of us have done this ride before so I wrote the cue sheet on my leg to keep us on track. I know I need to think of a better place to put directions, but this method seems to work out great so I'll go with it.

Just about 1 mile into the ride we ran into Cat doing the same ride! Sport friends for the win :) Anyhow, I actually wasn't a big fan of the route at all. There was a lot of traffic and stop lights along one of the more major roads. I'm thinking there usually isn't as much traffic when you ride in the morning? Or at least I hope there isn't? Once out of the busy section and more into the country the ride got enjoyable, but it also got HOT! I'm not sure how hot it was but man I'm thinking 85-90. We went through all our water and we weren't even 20 miles into the ride. We had wished we didn't sleep in and got our butts out of the house in the morning. We also just didn't eat enough before the ride and both of us were hungry and cranky only miles in. But what was done was done.
Don't let the smile fool you, I'm ready to be done
We stopped at a gas station around the half way point and refilled our bottles and I got a coke. I love having a cold coke in the middle of a ride. It's the best thing ever.
I liked the second half a little better and was really having fun on all the rolling hills. 

I am def. getting better at my gearing and think I am ready to take one some bigger hills without crying like a little girl. I know that the best way to learn is just to go out there and do them and I do plan on doing just that. However, I have to wait another two weeks for the big hill challenge because I am doing a metric century this weekend and will be in Vegas the next. Man, I have no idea where time goes? Anyhow, after we made it back to the car we noticed a 5 Guys. Umm... perfect...since we had been hungry for hours! The french fries tasted so good and I inhaled my food :)
Ok I am starting to ramble, so on that note I hope everyone has a great day.
Happy Tues All :) 


  1. Nice ride! I love the roads out by Poolesville. They're nice and smooth and no cars!

  2. I stopped by a gas station in Poolesville for more gatorade, water, and some peanut butter crackers. Best thing ever! But I lost around 4 pounds of water weight after that ride even though I drank around 3 liters of liquids while riding. Urg.

  3. I love riding out in Poolesville - I rode out there nearly every weekend last year in prep for IM Lake Placid. I was actually just thinking to myself yesterday how I miss riding out there. Hopefully you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday after the long, hot ride was over!